New Catalog Will Verify the Authenticity of Costa Rican Honey

Written by Tamarindo News

With two illustrative catalogs, the National Beekeeping Chamber, with the support of the National Animal Health Service (Senasa), intends to fight against the adulteration and fraud of Costa Rican honey.

Through the “Honey Catalog”, users will be able to identify, through photographs, the 42 brands certified by the entity as honey, which have the support of the Department of Safety of Products of Animal Origin (DIPOA).

Each certified honey has the CVO certificate issued by SENASA

On the other hand, in the Syrup Catalog, you can find the two legal brands of syrups with honey, whose composition consists of honey and other components. In the country, it is legal to sell syrups with honey as long as its label indicates this circumstance.

“Just as we would not allow someone to sell us fake milk as a dairy product, we must avoid it with honey as well. Behind the fraudulent honey what they hide are clandestine organizations, which profit from the good reputation of the honey generated by beekeepers, thus causing great economic losses, black money that does not generate taxes and irreparable damage to producers”, said the National Chamber of Beekeeping in an official statement.

To report false or dubious honeys, you can enter Senasa through their email address.

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