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Have you ever imagined life without your mom? Perhaps very few, but many even try to think about it, for fear of losing the wonderful being in our lives. And the thing is, mothers prepare us for everything, except when we go through life without them.

She is the one that we come to have in life, of who her blood runs through our veins, who gives us that first hug and the first look flooded with love.

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There’s nothing like mom’s squeeze, mom’s scolding and mom’s seasoning, the one that makes us always want to stay. The voice that gives us encouragement and calm.

Mother’s Day in Costa Rica

Yes, today is August 15 in Costa Rica Mother’s Day, because of this we want to tell you: Don’t forget about mom. Regardless of the time that passes, let’s not leave them alone when they need us most.

Why is this day celebrated in Costa Rica?

This is a very important day for the people of Constancia, which has different versions. Perhaps you have heard about Evangelina Solís Salvatierra, who at the beginning of the 20th century, during a public act of awards to the best students of a school, Solís considered that mothers should also be recognized, for the simple fact of bringing forward their children.

From that moment, the initiative was taken to celebrate all mothers, then to be decreed by the National Palace of Government. Let’s say that thanks to the version about Mrs. Evangelina Solís Salvatierra, in Costa Rica Mother’s Day is celebrated.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that in Costa Rica, several holidays have had to be modified, this year 2021, Mother’s Day will be the same day (this Sunday), and people who decide to work must have a double payment. Those who decided not to work will not be sanctioned.

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