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Because it is located in Central America, Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate that allows the production of fruits of incomparable flavor. These contribute to its classic and charming gastronomy, which it shares with other Latin American countries.

Here we present five characteristic fruits of its territory:

It is a climbing plant related to the chayote, which only exists for consumption in Costa Rica. It is usually prepared in different dishes, such as the meat pot, in which only its pulp is used or cooked and without the shell. An initiative is currently being promoted in that country to name it Cultural and Natural Heritage of Costa Rica.

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It is a tropical palm from America, its fruits usually come in clusters of up to 140 pieces of yellow, orange or scarlet color depending on their maturity. They have thin skin and a sweet taste with a starchy texture. In addition, the trunk of the plant produces palm hearts that are also used culinary.

This fruit is known as chicozapote in southeastern Mexico. It has a sweet and aromatic flavor, very similar to plum but with translucent pulp and brown skin. In addition to the sap from the tree trunk, a kind of gum has been produced since pre-Hispanic times.

It is a fruit of the myrtaceae family native to tropical and American regions, although it can also grow in temperate climates. Its shape is similar to that of a guava, it has a soft, yellow skin that varies in color depending on its maturity, and its flavor is often used in soft drinks and syrups.

The high quality of its bananas is the result of 130 years of cultivation in Costa Rican lands. This crop is one of the most important culturally and economically in the country. Currently, the bananas produced in Costa Rica have a “Denomination of Origin” and come from the west coast of the country, from places like Parrita, Quepis and Golfito.

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