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Scientifically, it is known that hugging trees (arbotherapy) and being in contact with nature does us good. Mostly in times like today, in which so many people have been mentally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Researcher Matthew Silverstone claims that hugging or being close to trees influences our health. It has a beneficial effect on our body, our emotions and our mind. According to Silverstone’s book “Blinded bye Science”, trees are of great help in the process of reducing depression and stress, even reducing headaches.

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By practicing arbotherapy, people can generate a discharge of vibrations, they can feel the peace they have been waiting for, it is unquestionably an action that they will not regret, if they do it with great faith.

For optimal mental health

Stanford University, in the United States, revealed through a study led by scientist Marc Berman, that people who have contact with nature can effectively treat depression, increase attention and improve memory.

Perhaps that is what it is about, that we must put into practice activities that can be seen as simple as hugging a tree, appreciating the bluish landscape of the sky and nature in full. Well, many of the problems come from the material or from unfavorable moments.

Improving our lives

Although it is difficult for many to assimilate, nature listens to us and in turn answers us so many times with gratitude.Beyond yoga, meditation, listening to music and even exercising, hugging a tree allows us to improve for free as people, as human beings; arbotherapy increases the level of consciousness.Having a greater connection with nature makes us free, authentic. It is not about being crazy, but about wanting to connect with more real and healthy things.

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