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As energy trends change worldwide, as a result of climate change, the country’s potential to position itself as a global supplier increases, thanks to its commitment to renewable energy. Precisely, this factor makes the development of hydrogen technology as a fuel, puts Costa Rica at the forefront, from the point of view of this potential.

This Wednesday, April 21st, Lead University will offer a free webinar that addresses its economic possibilities for the country. The event “Towards a Green Hydrogen Economy in Costa Rica” will focus on the political, academic, regulatory and business perspective of this technology”, explained the institution’s spokesperson, Susana Rodríguez.

The researcher from the teaching center assured that, based on previous experiences, in the next three to five years, “we could see green hydrogen positioned and with great potential, to be exported to other countries in the region”.

“To promote this type of initiative, it is necessary to create suitable conditions. Mainly, the issue of costs involved in its development must be addressed so that the final product is accessible, furthermore, it is necessary to clearly identify the actors involved, from government institutions to the private sector, to work along the same lines,” explained Rodríguez.

The path has already been started

In Costa Rica, the path has already been started by retired astronaut and scientist, Dr. Franklin Chang. The hydrogen produced at your company’s plant in Liberia is “green” thanks to the use of renewable sources. Worldwide, this is the hydrogen that Asians or Europeans are looking for. As technology advances, the Costa Rican businessman also assured that this fuel can be exported to other nations. He even stressed that other countries are already doing it.

The activity will be through the Zoom platform, people interested in participating can register at the following link:

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