Law To Attract “Digital Nomads” Strengthens The Country’s Tourism Competitiveness

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With the approval this past week in the second legislative debate of the Law to Attract Remote Workers and Providers of International Services, Costa Rica now has a regulatory framework capable of attracting “digital nomads”, thus reinforcing the country’s tourist competitiveness, a key factor for the growth of international arrivals.

“Relying on this legislation, Costa Rica can compete by guaranteeing legal security to this target audience and taking advantage of the differentiation that we have as a tourist destination, in favor of the long-awaited economic recovery of our sector,” said Gustavo J. Segura, Rector Minister of Tourism. The hierarch thanked legislators for the final approval of bill 22,215, which provides tranquility and legal security to remote workers who choose Costa Rica.

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“The approval of this law is a breath of hope for the tourism sector, we are concerned about small, medium and large companies, as well as the communities that benefit from tourism. This is a specific project for the economic reactivation of our sector and with it the country in general,” Segura said.

Touristic recovery

Digital nomads will contribute to the tourist recovery in the different regions by acquiring accommodation, food, vehicle rental, tours, medical services, beauty salons and, as the case may be, educational services, an integral activation of the economic chain generated by tourism.

Regarding Internet connectivity, the Minister considered that the approval of this law will also serve as an incentive to improve the productive climate and the connection to quality networks and Internet.

The 32 Tourism Development Centers in the country have conditions to receive and serve digital nomads. The traveler can find beach, mountain, volcanoes and a variety of ecosystems that allow him to spend a season in a beach destination and another in the mountains.

A perfect profile

The head of Tourism indicated that the different promotional and advertising tactics that Costa Rica has in place to attract tourists today fit perfectly with digital nomads. “The profile that we seek to attract for short or long stays is that of a tourist who appreciates a sustainable sanctuary and well-being, who seeks contact with nature, reconnects with the essentials of life, who prefers Wellness activities, adventure, enjoy gastronomy, tranquility, beaches, mountains, rivers or volcanoes while working from Costa Rican soil without crowds”, said Segura. For the new law to come into effect, the necessary regulation is  required.

Relocate to beach work remote
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