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Costa Rica will try, once again, to have a development system that leaves the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) and covers the peripheral areas. The goal this time is set in 2050 and aims to generate 11 rural development centers. They should be connected by 6 corridors and 50 points with more economic activity.
At least that is what the Territorial Economic Strategy for an Inclusive Economy indicates. This was presented this past Wednesday by the Ministry of Planning.
The UN Development Program, the IDB and the cooperation of Germany and the European Union also participated in the strategy. Between all of them they will give $17 million for the implementation. Technological investments, alternative tourism or energy form the bets to, eventually, make the leap of development.

What would each area contribute?

If the strategy advances, an attempt will be made to position different “clusters” for investment. In addition to the GAM, the new territories would be:
Cartago: research and technology
Gulf of Nicoya: tourism and logistics
Cañas-Tilarán-Upala: transportation
Liberia: renewable energy
Nicoya-Pacific: tourism and transportation
Guapiles: agricultural technology
Caribbean: port logistics
Quepos-Parrita-Uvita: maritime development
San Isidro-Buenos Aires: transportation
North Zone: cultural tourism

Job expectations

Thus, the development that is currently in 19% of the territory should reach 50%. Along with this, the expectation seeks that the jobs generated are of quality. Along these lines, the Minister of Planning, Pilar Garrido, highlighted the contribution that free trade zones could have.

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