Intel Costa Rica Brings Show of 500 Drones for September 15th

Written by Tamarindo News

The Intel firm announced that, within the event organized by the Municipality of San José and which will be held at the National Stadium on September 15th, it will hold a presentation of 500 drones.

The show will be an advance to the celebration for the 25 years of the arrival of Intel to the country, which will take place in November of this 2021, and as part of the commemoration of the 200 years of the Independence of Costa Rica.

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Timothy Scott Hall, Intel’s government affairs manager, added that the company was present with such shows at the recent Tokyo Olympics, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland and the Super Bowl in the United States.

Spectacular light show

The drones are specially designed for light shows, which in a coordinated manner will perform a series of figures alluding to the Costa Rican identity and Intel’s contribution to the country. The firm indicated that the realization of the show has no cost for the city council, since it was already contemplated as part of the celebration of Intel’s 25 years in Costa Rica.

In this presentation, custom Intel software is used to manage flight operations from a single computer, as well as a regional team made up of Costa Rican, Mexican, Colombian, and Argentine employees. They work in conjunction with the technical team of the US drone division.

The company also indicated that the protocols and regulations of the Costa Rican government, the Municipality of San José and Civil Aviation will be strictly followed. Intel recalled that it has more than 2,700 employees in its high-value operations in the country through its three “centers of excellence.”

R/D largest in the country

The Research and Development Center, currently the largest and the largest exporter of these services in the country, dedicated to the design, prototype, testing and validation of integrated circuit solutions and platforms. 33% of Intel’s workforce is employed here.

The Global Services Center, which designs, executes and transforms multifunctional business processes at a global level in finance, human resources, information technology, sales and marketing, and supply chain. Another 43% of the workforce is employed here.

Processor assembly and testing, employing 24% of the manufacturing, supply chain, and operations organization in charge of testing, manufacturing, and packaging the components of some of the corporation’s major servers. This operation is currently in the certification process to start the manufacturing process of these.

The company also runs volunteer programs to bring students closer to science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) skills, such as free coding courses and the Strategic and Technical Skills Development Project with Collegiate of Limón to increase their employability.

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