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With an orography full of mountains and lush forests that favor the existence of thousands of waterfalls, it is difficult to decide which are the most beautiful in the country or which are worth visiting, since they all have their own charm. The chosen ones coincide in that they are ideal places to spend a day of adventure enjoying an excursion on foot or on horseback to these fabulous waterfalls, where, in some cases, bathing is allowed.

These are some of the ones you should not miss:

San Fernando Waterfall

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In Cinchona de Sarapiquí, on the Varablanca-San Miguel de Sarapiquí route, this waterfall of about 70 meters high that can be seen from the road is immersed in a dense forest of the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Bajos del Toro Amarillo Waterfall

The Bajo del Toro area, located at 1,442 meters above sea level, hides natural treasures such as the Toro Amarillo waterfall and the Río Agrio waterfall. The first is the largest, with 90 meters high, which is formed from the union of 3 rivers: Río Toro Amarillo, Río Desagüe and Río Agrio (named for its lemon flavor), all with waters with a high content of minerals.

Río Celeste Waterfall

Rio Agrio Falls and Pozas Celestes, Natural Treasures of Costa Rica

The Celeste River is one of the natural wonders of Costa Rica, as it is formed from the union of 2 rivers with different mineral content coming from the slopes of the Tenorio volcano, which gives its waters that particular color. Protected by the Tenorio National Park, a 7-kilometer trail shows its main geological attractions; teñideros, hot springs, hot springs, fumaroles, and the waterfall.

Nauyaca Waterfall

These beautiful waterfalls also known as Santo Cristo or Don Lulo are located about 12 kilometers from Dominical, in the province of Puntarenas. A walk leads to these waterfalls surrounded by vegetation that invite you to swim in their large and safe pond.

Llanos de Cortez Waterfalls

This waterfall complex is located near the city of Bagaces, on the way to Liberia. To get there, you just have to turn off a dirt road for a few kilometers, and walk through a transitional forest. Among the peculiarities of this waterfall is the white sand beach that is formed by the sedimentation of the river and a pool of clear water, where you can enjoy the sun and nature.

Tesoro Escondido Waterfall

Another waterfall also located in Bajos del Toro, with a more difficult access than the previous ones, but with beauty that compensates the effort. Wearing a raincoat is part of the experience.

La Cangreja Waterfall

The Rincón de la Vieja National Park is a volcanic massif where 32 rivers are born, famous for its fumaroles, lagoons and mud pails and divided into 2 well-differentiated sectors, Las Pailas and Santa María. The main path of the first is the one that leads to its famous La Cangreja waterfall, whose waters plummet 40 meters high.

La Fortuna Waterfall

It is another of the most striking attractions of the Northern Plains and is located a few kilometers from Fortuna, in the middle of a humid tropical jungle. A steeply sloping path allows you to observe the waterfall, which falls from a height of 70 meters. The funds that are collected for the entrance to the waterfall are used by the Association for the development of various projects and activities of social good in the area.

La Paz Waterfall

It is located near the community of Vara Blanca and Cinchona, on the way to Sarapiquí and is a waterfall of extraordinary beauty, especially due to the natural environment in which it is found. A couple of small jumps and one large and imposing one crown this fall that can be seen on the side of the road and harmonized with a bridge with a wooden structure considered to be a work of art.

Montezuma Waterfall

Montezuma is a small coastal town located on the Nicoya peninsula where ecotourists come to enjoy its cove, but above all to contemplate its 20-meter high waterfall and a natural pool, which is reached after a 20-minute walk down the river bed. The Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is very close to it.

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