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While millions of people around the world are mourning the death of a loved one, their careers, and life as they used to know it, Covid-19 has given us a lot to think about. For so many of us, the lives we used to know are long gone. Unfortunately, we can do nothing to turn back the clock, but we may breathe some fresh life into the situation.

How? We need to work out how we get back to normal after Covid-19, in Costa Rica, and throughout the world. Already, we see the easing of travel restrictions to and from our country, but what comes next? How do we go about getting back to normal after something as life-changing as this?

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Getting back to business after Covid-19

Getting back to business is harder for some than it is for others. It’s difficult to precisely pinpoint what is meant by getting back to normal, too, since routine is different for everyone. So let’s start with our jobs and work our way outwards from there.

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Getting back to the office

While many of us lost work entirely during the pandemic, some of us were sent home to work instead. Now that things are returning to normal, we see more and more businesses opening up their offices again. While the satellite office is a fantastic thing, it cannot account for your technical difficulties, guarantee production, or factor in person-to-person sales. 

The problem with getting back to the office again is that many of our offices don’t exist as they once did. When businesses realized that they could get on fine without renting a building, they simply stopped renting. So now they are faced with a workforce expecting to get out of the house, only to find that their office is gone.

A quick solution for this is to rent a coworking space chicago or somewhere close by. A long-term solution means renting out again, but you will have somewhere to work until then.

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Getting Back to Family and Friends

Here is where the guidance has been drummed into all of us… open windows and doors, keep apart with distance, don’t meet too many people at once, and avoid cramped spaces and crowds. But now that we can see our family and friends without fear of transmission again, do we still know how to act around them?

Our advice to get back to normal in your relationships is to keep things light at first. Then, once the initial meetup after months apart has been done, do things that are fun for both parties. Keep people smiling and laughing. Then, let’s ride that happiness wave for as long as it lasts.

Getting back to normal

It’s been a long, tough road. Numbers have been scary, and the deaths more difficult still. But, now that it’s nearly behind us let’s look forward to the good times ahead. If we can only just remember how to have fun, that is.


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