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Are you going through a bad streak and looking for a solution to improve the luck in your life? Although for some skeptics luck as such does not exist, others firmly believe that it can vary with some magical rituals or amulets.

Regardless of asking who is right, the truth is that, for years, there have been myths and popular beliefs that ensure that luck can both attract and drive away. Not to forget that books have been written by rational thinkers in which they mention that, for them, luck is a matter of attitude. Whatever your position on the matter, in this HOW-TO article we collect everything you need to know about how to bring good luck into your life.

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For the more rational-minded, the trick to attracting good luck is to work on yourself. Many times we get carried away by negative feelings or thoughts that prevent us from seeing the opportunities that we have in front of us and we mistakenly believe that bad luck lies in wait for us. But it is not like that. Imagine that you want to win the lottery, but without buying a single ticket. It would be impossible, right? For that reason, get moving, do not give up; open yourself up to new experiences and meeting new people.

With each step you take, something new can happen to you. But if you do not try it, no change will ever happen. As Woody Allen often says; “it only took me 20 years to succeed overnight”.

In short, in order to attract good luck, you have to:

• Be positive.

• Get out of your comfort zone.

• Take advantage of opportunities.

• If a path leads you nowhere, change it.

• Do not despair. Despair leads you to turn negative, and remember: “No one can see the sun on a cloudy day”.

Spells to attract good luck

If you are one of those who believe in the power of attraction and protection of talismans, we recommend the best amulets that exist:

Fatima’s hand – Also called “Hamsa” or “Jamsa”, it is said to be one of the most powerful talismans in the world. It consists of a hand with one eye in the center, “the eye that sees everything”, and can be carried both by hand upwards and downwards. However, it is popularly believed that if the hand is raised, it will protect its bearer from all evil; whereas, if the hand is down, it will attract success and good luck in its bearer’s life.

Owls –They say that owls are one of the best protectors against bad energy, since they live at night. They also say that, for that very reason, they are one of the best carriers of good luck wherever there is one of them. Those who have an owl figure in their possession, ensure positive change in their lives in a short time.

Quartz crystals – It is believed that whoever wears a quartz crystal attached to the skin (for example, in a necklace) becomes more positive and everything around him changes for the better, since these quartz absorb negative energy from the wearer and from his/her surroundings.

Up-trunked elephants – It is another of the best spells for good luck. But the position of the trunk is of key importance, since if it is upwards it will attract good fortune and protect its owner, while if the trunk is down, it can attract misfortune even to the family environment.

Homemade spells for good luck

However, we give you some advice; the best amulet is the one you make yourself. To do this, we explain how to make your own lucky charm step by step:

• Follow your hunch and find something with which you feel identified. It can be anything, like a piece of cloth or a simple plant leaf.

• Try to create a small bag or some kind of container where you can carry your amulet. There is also the option, if you feel like it, of carrying the talisman on you without further ado, without having to put it in any container.

• If you create or are looking for something to wear your amulet, now is the time to put everything you want or consider into it. You can mix various things, such as salt, lemon drops, bay leaves, and whatever else you can think of. Feel free to create your own homemade good luck charm.

• Once you have it ready, always carry it with you.

If you want to know more about how to create homemade talismans, read our article How to make good luck charms.

Other spells to attract good luck

If you believe in magic and energy and prefer to opt for a ritual, these are the best spells to attract luck:

Take a white candle and surround it with coarse salt. Here you have 3 options: Light the candle and that is it; read a short made-up or real prayer when lighting the candle; or write something on the candle (if the size allows it) with a pointed material, such as “bring luck to me and my family” and then light it.

Buy a path opener candle in your trusted esoteric store. These candles are very useful, since it is said that when there is bad luck, the paths of the person are closed. So, with this you can bring fortune back to your life. Follow the instructions that will come with the candle and you will notice changes in a short time.

Grab a pen and paper, and write down a note asking for good luck in your life. You can do it following your religious beliefs or in the way that best suits you. Then, place a container with bay leaves on top and light up incense. We advise you to use jasmine, musk, rosemary, rue, sandalwood or the one with the 7 powers, one of the most effective that exists. To give more strength to the ritual, you can accompany it with a white candle.

If you also want to attract good luck in love, at home and in money, we recommend that you read our article on Rituals to attract good luck. However, keep these tips for performing rituals in mind:

• To attract good luck, it is best that you always perform the spells during the day, ideally in sunny moments.

• An exception to the previous advice is, according to esoteric experts, to perform spells on the night of San Juan, New Year’s Eve and Christmas, occasions that are considered very powerful for magic.

Things to attract good luck

If what concerns you is not how to attract good luck to your life, but how to attract luck in the lottery, how to attract good luck in gambling or you simply want to attract good luck and money, we provide you with other objects that can attract immediate luck:

Cinnamon – They say that cinnamon brings good luck to everyone who uses it, even ingesting it. It can be another good material to consider.

Positive mind – In this both skeptics and believers agree; it is, in fact, what dictates the power of attraction: what you think, you will attract. For this reason, we recommend that you always think positively about phrases to attract luck in your life, but be always carefulwith forceful affirmations; that is, instead of thinking “today may be a good day”, you should better think “today is a good day”.

Plants –Some plants are said to attract luck, cleanse the home of bad energy, or may even attract money. Take a look at this HOW-TO article to learn more about which are the best plants for good luck.

Stones –Some stones are also used as charms to attract good luck. They can be chosen according to the zodiac sign or their meaning.

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