From The Bottle To The Environment And Our Body

Written by Tamarindo News

Agrotoxics are chemical substances used to kill insects, plants, fungi and other organisms that affect crops or public spaces. In this special article brought to you in various parts, we explain why it is important to look for alternatives.

Field laborers manipulate substances without necessary protection and these are scattered on roads and fields. The wind and the rain carry the chemicals, carrying them to gardens and houses, and later to the river and the sea. Thus, people come into contact with these toxins in different ways: from those who wash the clothes of the laborers, to those who bathe in the sea. Conditions are quickly evident in the environment and in our bodies.

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Loss of pregnancies, genetic malformations, mutations, cancer and asthma are just some of the health problems related to pesticides. Most people are unaware of the risks of applying pesticides, some effects are immediate, but others go unnoticed for a long time until diseases that cannot be cured appear. The effect of the toxic depends on the route of entry, the time of exposure and the conditions of the organism for its elimination. The next section deals with the routes of entry into the body.

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