Four more recent accolades for Costa Rica

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With the whole world topsy-turvey due to world-wide pandemic, Costa Rica still continues to receive the attention it deserves.

1 It is predicted that by the end of 2021 some degree of normalcy may return to the world. For anyone thinking of retiring abroad, International Living, a website about living and retiring overseas, rated Costa Rica as the world’s best place to retire in 2021 on a $2,500-a-month budget or less. To conduct it’s annual Global Retirement Index, International Living ranked the world’s top 25 retirement destinations across 10 categories, including cost of living, governance, retiree benefits, climate and health care. To find out more about living or retiring in Costa Rica see:

2 In January 2021, National Geographic Traveler chose Costa Rica first out of 35 countries as the best place to visit this year. The magazine extolls the country’s natural wonders. The article states, “Do you want to escape? Imagine a country where one-fourth of its territory is set aside for national parks, and a place where you can walk through a tropical rainforest in the morning and surf in the afternoon. Imagine an Edan of adventures where sustainability was a strategy much before the world caught up, where jaguars walk through the jungle, imposing flocks of birds soar through the sky and lizards walk across the water right before your very eyes.”

San José, Costa Rica

3 The country also has the highest inoculation rate against Covid -19 virus in Latin America — another feather in the cap of the country’s health care system.

4 It is rumored in the local gossip columns that Costa Rica may host the 2022 Miss Universe Contest. The theme of the contest will be the country’s biodiversity. With a new convention center, Costa Rica’s stellar reputation and popularity it comes as little surprise that Country will probably be chosen to host the star-studded annual event.

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