Film Directed By Costa Rican Hernán Jiménez Is Number One Worldwide On Netflix

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 “Today we woke up with this beautiful news,” wrote the director, actor and comedian Hernán Jiménez this Sunday morning on Twitter. Thus he celebrated that his film, Love Hard or How Hard is Love, is number one worldwide on Netflix, after being released last Friday in 190 countries.

Love Hard

The artist thus became, with resounding success, the first Tico to direct a film for that streaming platform. “We made a movie about the absolute insanity that love is, the crazy things we are capable of doing for him, and the faith that it is always worth it,” said the Tico on his social networks.

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“A movie that I made with a lot of love, and only thanks to the unconditional support that I have received from you, that all my attempts to make films have been accepted. Infinite thanks and enjoy”, was the producer’s message before the premiere.

Great actors

Harry Shum JR, a supporting actor in the film, is also Costa Rican, was born in Limón and has developed a successful career in the United States. Love Hard had other recognized actors, such as: Nina Dobrev, who participated in the series The CW The Vampire Diaries; Jimmy O. Yang from the HBO comedy Silicon Valley and Riverdale actor Charles Melton, as well as Parker Posey and Ken Jeong, known for their roles in “Café Society,” “The House of Yes,” “Party Girl,” and “Superman Returns”.


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