Expat retirees in Costa Rica should know that the country’s regular taxis will now have an app similar to Uber and Didi

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It was just announced that Costa Rica’s 11,800 regular taxi’s or fuerza roja, will soon be using a new app whereby users will know the rate beforehand. The new app is called Batsë, which means “the color red” in the cabécar indigenous language. This is part of an effort by the government to modernize public transportation.

For decades the country’s taxis have used a metered device called a “María” to calculates taxi fares. The new app will enable riders to access the rate provided they have a smart telephone. Much like Uber, Batsë will let its users know the cost of a trip prior to boarding and the approximate arrival time at the place of the pickup.

The country’s taxi companies or cooperativas are now organizing training sessions for their drivers. Little by little all taxistas (drivers) will learn how to uses the new app. They will be able to master the nuances of the app virtually or by attending in person classes.

In order to download and use the new app users must first register at Drivers must also register by accessing the same site.

This new service is bound to make life easier for those who already live here than those who plan to relocate.

¡Buen viaje (Have a good trip!)

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