Easter is Over! Review Here the Upcoming Legal Holidays

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Now it will be until next Sunday, April 11th, when there is a new holiday, which is mandatory double pay for those who work that day. On that date the Battle of Rivas is commemorated, with a peculiar meaning for the Alajuelense community due to the heroic deed of Juan Santamaría.


From the second semester of 2020 and until 2024, there will be modification of some holidays in order to promote national tourism. It is for this reason that May 1st, recorded in the calendar on a Saturday is moved to Monday, May 3rd to be enjoyed as a holiday.

The same will happen to celebrate the Annexation of the Nicoya Party to Costa Rica because by calendar, it is a Sunday, July 25th, but it is moved to Monday 26th for your enjoyment. These measures are applied in order to promote local visits over long weekends to reactivate the national economy in this sector that was the main affected by the Pandemic.

What else?

In that law, a political negotiation was carried out where it was agreed that not all holidays that fell on Saturday or Sunday should be transferred to the next day for their enjoyment. It is for this reason that this measure will not be applied for April 11th, nor will it be applied for August 15th to celebrate Costa Rican Mother’s day.

Regarding Independence Day, with a date on the calendar for Wednesday, September 15th, it is moved forward to Monday, September 13th. Finally, Sunday December 25th will not be modified for your enjoyment.

On the other hand, there are two non-compulsory pay holidays established in the Labor Code, they are:
Day of the Virgin of the Angels: August 2
Army Abolition Day: December 1
Remember that October 12th is no longer a mandatory holiday.

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