Drivers License Procedure for the First Time in Costa Rica

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From now on, people in Costa Rica who pass the practical driving test must obtain an appointment to manage the issuance of their drivers license, as reported by the General Directorate of Road Education.

Previously, the person has to cancel the entire amount and go to a headquarters to request their license, however, now it will be by appointment, this in order to avoid lines and reduce the waiting time of a person at the Traffic Education headquarters.

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From the institution they explained that when a person arrives at a venue without an appointment, the time at which they will be attended is uncertain and although everything possible is done to make it fast, an order must be respected, since users may be present in the place with a appointment scheduled to carry out similar procedures.

Guarantee a more agile attention

With the scheduled space, the user is guaranteed a more agile attention and a shorter stay in the offices, a situation that also seeks to help prevent COVID-19 infections. It is important to clarify that for this type of procedure there is no waiting list and, on the contrary, 25% of the spaces are not used, so it is estimated that the change will not represent delays for users.

To obtain the appointment, after passing the practical test, the person must cancel the entire license for the first time in a financial institution, the value is ¢ 4,000, after this they must enter and get your appointment. The person must take into account that, if he has not made the payment in full, the system will not recognize him and he will not be able to obtain the appointment.

Also at Banco de Costa Rica

The first-time license procedure can also be carried out at some 65 branches of Banco de Costa, also by scheduling an appointment through the number 800-BCRCITA (800-2272482) or on the website (an additional amount must be paid for bank commission).

Finally, it is recalled that the use of a mask is mandatory to carry out this or any other procedure in the Traffic Education offices throughout the country, it is also requested to carry a pencil and respect the demarcated places to maintain a safe physical distance between the people who visit the venues.

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