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We spend almost a lifetime investing in the future, watching our every step, or remembering those times when we were happier or when we did not make things certain. Life does not stop, but there comes a day when we stop in our head there is a “click” and we begin to wonder if we really live fully and why we always lack something to be happy.

And it is here and now where real life happens, where experiences happen and where we can change what we do not want. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, only now. Consciously experiencing each sensation, attending to each thought or emotion, interrupting the constant internal dialogue, freeing our mind brings us great benefits for our general health, our well-being and our quality of life.

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Come back here and now, ask yourself if you live or go through life, if you enjoy each moment or see them go by, if you get absorbed in repetitive thoughts, if your future is what worries you the most, or if headaches, anxiety, fatigue or stress does not finish to go away. It is time to realize this.

Do you know how to live here and now? We give you some ideas:

No to recurring thoughts

When you realize that you only think about what happened yesterday, or what will happen tomorrow, think about what you are ceasing to live at that moment. Look around you, enjoy.

– Don’t just plan

Setting goals is a first step for change and for personal evolution in life. But don’t stop looking at the present, today’s steps, today’s happiness also has to make sense.

– Connect with your emotions

You can now feel pain, anger, sadness…. Face it, let it be because it belongs to that fragment of your life.

– Disconnect

Rescue some moment for your disconnection, let your mind empty, without judging yourself for it.

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