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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to zipline for nearly 1 mile? Don’t wonder! Experience it for yourself at the Diamante Eco Adventure Park. This park offers a full day of excitement, adrenaline and fun on the Guanacaste coast.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park is one of the best excursions from Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama and Playa Ocotal. Diamante is also one of the best day tours from Four Seasons, Planet Hollywood, Secrets, Occidental Papagayo and the other resorts in the Papagayo Peninsula. Click here to get our 10% Diamante discount!

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Activities

Diamante is well known as one of the top things to do in Costa Rica, attracting visitors who want adventure, culture and nature all in one day. They provide a safe and fun experience for all travelers, particularly families.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers the following activities:

  • Canopy tour (ziplining)
  • Animal sanctuary
  • Butterfly observatory
  • Botanical garden
  • ATV trails
  • Horseback riding trails
  • Beach
  • Jungle Course
  • Casita (local house) with coffee, sugar cane and cacao (chocolate)

For those looking to get the best of the park, the Adventure Pass is what you want. It includes the Diamante zip line, animal sanctuary, casita, jungle course, botanical garden, buffet lunch and ocean activities.

Below you can read our Diamante Eco Adventure Park review or watch our video!


Our video of Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Diamante Zip Line

This is how the Adventure Pass works. We first did the canopy tour that has five cables. The first is the “bunny slope” cable and then, we got into a truck to go up the mountain to the Diamante superman zip line. After that, we zipped back to the mountain and ended at the animal sanctuary.

Diamante Adventure Park - superman ocean view zipline
The Diamante zipline, one of the coolest canopy tours we’ve done!

From the last cable, we walked across a hanging bridge over the crocodile lake to enter the animal sanctuary.

Diamante Animal Sanctuary

The Diamante Park animal sanctuary is the largest in the country and you can see animals such as sloths, caimans, crocodiles, iguanas, toucans, jagauars and monkeys. They received all the animals from the MINAE in partnership with the La Paz waterfall gardens.

Some animals were born in captivity, some were rescued and unfortunately can’t be released back to the wild, some are on loan from South America (the marmoset monkeys).

Diamante Adventure Park - animal sanctuary
Animal sanctuary: crocodiles, 2 fingered sloth, keel billed toucan and jaguars.

Of all the animals they have, the main attraction is Lucy the sloth. They have daily feedings so you can see the sloths in (slow) action. You can also see 4 different types of toucans, jaguars and 3 different monkeys found in Costa Rica.

Butterfly Garden

Walking into the butterfly garden felt just like you were walking through the rain forest. Blue morphos, owl butterflies and all sorts of butterflies fly around you as you walk through the observatory. You can see them feeding on the fruit and flitting about, their vibrant colors flashing in the light.

Diamante Adventure Park - butterfly garden
Butterfly garden. The blue butterfly in the middle of the photo is a Morpho.

They also have a section where they show the stages of metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get a glimpse of a freshly born butterfly!

Next to the butterfly observatory is their reptile section. You can see various frogs and toads and we even got to see them feeding a toad (gross but cool). Outside is the snake exhibit where you can see the various snakes that live in the country.

Water Activities

The adventure pass also includes the use of their ocean toys by their beach. They have hammocks, SUP boards and paddles, kayaks and snorkel equipment so when you feel like you’re ready to take a nap on the beach or for some fun in the water, head down to the beach!

Diamante Eco Adventure Park - beach and water activities
Hammocks, kayaks and SUP on the beach. These are complimentary in the Adventure Pass and you can go on a guided snorkel/kayak/SUP tour.

Their staff will help you with the kayaks and SUP boards and take you out to paddle around and snorkel.

Botanical Garden

We walked through the botanical garden to go back up to the main office. They have planted many native and non-native trees, fruit trees and plants like cas, mango, papaya and coffee.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park - botanical garden
Their botanical garden. See fruit trees, coffee plants and flowers.

The garden is beautiful and offers a very nice nature walk back up to the welcome center.


For the cultural tour, Diamante has a casita, or local house where visitors can experience a traditional farming home. Visitors take a guided tour of the house including a short coffee, sugar cane and cacao (chocolate) tour.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park casita
Diamante Casita
Diamante coffee chocolate and sugar cane tour
Diamante coffee chocolate and sugar cane tour

This is included in the Adventure Pass and in the Discovery Pass.

Jungle Course

This jungle obstacle course is a ton of fun for kids! And grownups too. In case your child doesn’t reach the height and weight requirements for the zipline, you can bring them down to the jungle course so they can have a ton of fun on the swings, monkeys bars and rock wall.

jungle course diamante eco adventure park
Jungle course. Fun for kids and adults!


Diamante has a super fun ATV tour that goes up and around the mountains. You get nice views of the forest and the beach and the trail is very well marked and maintained. We went in June after a few rains and it was a ton of fun going through the puddles and seeing the forestry so green!

Diamante ATV tour in Guanacaste

Horseback Riding

The Diamante horseback riding is also very nice and goes through the same trails at the ATV. The horses are well cared for and very calm, perfect for those with no riding experience.

Diamante Park Map

Here is a map of the park. They designed the park so everything fits smoothly. Zipline into the animal sanctuary, walk down to the beach and go back to the welcome center via the botanical garden.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park Map
Map of Diamante Park. They have maps at the welcome center.

There also have shuttles that take you from the main office to the animal sanctuary, beach and parking lot in case it’s raining or you don’t want to walk. There is plenty of staff everywhere that can call a shuttle for you.

Diamante Park Costa Rica Location

Diamante is right next to the Riu Guanacaste Hotel, making it one of the best day trips from the Riu and one of the best day trips from Playas del Coco and Gulf of Papagayo beaches. It’s only about a 30 minutes drive from Coco so this is the best canopy tour if you want to go ziplining in Playas del Coco.

Save on Your Diamante Adventure!

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Children must be at least 27 kgs (60 lbs) for the short ziplines and quick jump and 45 kgs (85 lbs) for the superman zipline. Maximum weight limit is 130 kg (280 lbs). Only one discount can be used per reservation. Click here to get our discount!

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