COVID-19 Infections in Costa Rica Drop for the Eighth Week

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The graph on the contagion of COVID-19 in Costa Rica leaves no room for doubt: the Pandemic is slowing down in the country and 2021 has brought good news. This is reflected in the official data of the Ministry of Health and confirmed in an expert analysis of the Universidad Hispanoamericana.

“For the eighth consecutive week we are observing a palpable decrease in the strength of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Costa Rica, something unprecedented to a certain extent. Since we have been hit very violently by the Coronavirus during the month of December, where the maximum peaks of the curve were almost reached, experienced in September and October”, explained Dr. Ronald Evans.

“It is a magnificent evolution, there is no doubt, but one must be alert, since the enemy is alive and kicking, crouched, waiting for better opportunities to act. Hence, the healthy warning to remain vigilant made by national and international authorities and that we ourselves have never stopped alerting,” he added.

Good news for the entire country

The review of the Universidad Hispanoamericana has maintained four geographical categories of risk, according to the level of distribution of the COVID-19. Over the weeks, the highest alert category was depopulated and in the last measurement it was left empty. This is reached when there are more than 250 cases per million inhabitants.

“For the first time since we began publishing this classification, no canton appears in this group; a true reflection of the current situation of the Pandemic in Costa Rica. Reason for joy and satisfaction but never to lower our guard”, quoted the expert.

The rest of the following categories include:
Medium risk: Corridors, Coto Brus, Guácimo and Siquirres
Low risk: Alajuelita, Buenos Aires, Esparza and Garabito
Very low risk: the rest The covid-19 that hits fewer people
The spread of COVID-19 is measured by the reproduction rate, known as R0.

To consider a successful evolution, it must be below 1, which marks a tendency to reverse.
This has been shown in the last week, with a value of 0.96. This means that for every 100 patients there are less than 100 new ones.

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