Costa Rican Productivity in the Present Focuses on Internet Jobs

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Costa Rica, ranks as one of the first countries in Latin America where its professionals do their jobs over the Internet. This in order to obtain clients anywhere in the world. The schematization of jobs, globalization in general and the major transformations linked to the technology sector.

They are responsible for showing exponential changes in the way we live and experience our day to day. This includes the development and degree of complexity of the jobs that are obtained. The productivity of this type of nations, like in the case of Costa Rica, is experienced, when these so-called work factors are carried out via the web.

For a long time various organizations have studied this phenomenon

These studies have yielded the following result. “8 out of 10 Costa Ricans can become more productive doing large-scale jobs over the Internet.” Ticos do much better in their work activities when they are independent.

Figures of Internet jobs

Data obtained from these studies revealed that 69% of the personnel who carry out work on the Internet. It expresses that the main advantage of owning this type of job is being able to organize their own time. 31% like working from home much more. And 13% find it much better to have independence by being their own boss.

Not everyone is happy with this new form of employment. 23% complain. “For some time, there has been a growth and significant increase. Regarding the competition to carry out this type of work via the Internet”, these workers state.

It is believed that 47% of the Costa Ricans claim to have worked with foreign clients. They have also made it known that they even prefer them, since they receive a higher payment for their work. The country has experienced, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute ITC, due to the Pandemic a 33% increase compared to carrying out work over the Internet. Which means that every day many more Costa Ricans migrate from their conventional jobs to do jobs online.

Presence of collaborative platforms

Latin America has been one of the worst hit sites during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has led to entrepreneurs in different countries that make it up to continue creating strategies in order to continue working and, most importantly, continue to generate sustainable sources of work for others.

Once again, technology is testing what Latin Americans are made of. This time combined with this type of undertaking and private work. Since during this time many entrepreneurs have dedicated their time to devise an App that allows the search and subsequent development of a job via the web to be carried out in an easier way.

Among the most important they stand out are:



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