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After the 2020 Olympic Games have come to a close, and where athletes from all over the world have given their best, happy to fulfill the dream of attending and participating. Among them were 13 athletes who went to represent Costa Rica, all are an example of overcoming obstacles, self-discipline and empathy, even when we still remain in the middle of a Pandemic.

The Central American country did not obtain medals, but it did get great moments in history. It is worth noting that some of the athletes had participated already in what were the Games of Rio 2016, London 2012, Beijing 2008 and also Athens 2004.

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A brief history of Costa Rica in the Olympic Games

Investigating the history of Costa Rica, regarding the participation of athletes in Olympic Games, we find that the first participation of the country was in the Berlin games of 1936. Costa Rica was only represented by an athlete, named Bernardo de la Guardia, who practiced the fencing sport, it turns out that at that time, he did not pass the first round.

But since 1964, the Central American country has been present uninterruptedly in the games, a total of 16, in which 167 athletes from 18 disciplines have dedicated 4 medals to the country, detailed as follows: 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze.

Costa Rican athletes, their participation and brief details in Tokyo 2020

Among the athletes participating in this year’s Summer Olympics are cyclists Andrey Amador and María José Vargas; the surfers Leilani McGonagle and Brisa Hennessy, in addition to the judoka Ian Ignacio Sancho, the taekwondoist Neshy Lee Lindo, the gymnast Luciana Alvarado, the swimmers Beatriz Padrón and Arnoldo Herrera, the hurdlers Gerald Drummond and Andrea Vargas and in BMX cycling, Kenneth Tencio .

It is worth noting that Andrey Amador, a native of Alajuela, participated in two previous Olympic Games: London 2012 and Rio 2016. The surfers Leilani McGonagle and Brisa Hennessy participated showing their well-earned talents. Leilani McGonagle, a native of Pavones de Golfito, failed to qualify for the third round, with a score of 9.63 in the second round. Additionally, Brisa Hennessy, born in San José, managed to advance to the quarterfinals and take fifth place in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the judoka Ian Ignacio Sancho, won his initial fight and managed to advance to the second round in the 66 kg category, where he lost against a South Korean, with this we emphasize that Costa Rica had never won advanced to the second round in this discipline.

Thanks to all the athletes who strive every day and leave the best example for the future of Costa Rica, an example of impetus and inexhaustible strength. Bravo!

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