Costa Rica, Your Best Option When Considering Working Remotely

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Since before the arrival of COVID-19, Costa Rica has been captivating digital nomads, for its authenticity. However, after a year of Pandemic, the dynamics changed, one of them being the greater benefits that have been generated worldwide for doing online work…that is, from the Costa Rican paradise.

It is well known that Costa Rica is an incredible country, it has an excellent climate, surrounded by nature, beach, but above all, places with little influx of mass tourism, which induces visitors who come for a short time, end up staying.

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In short, various destinations in the country have adapted to the new tourism, even the famous resorts are promoting remote working as part of their offer, ensuring total relaxation spaces with good quality internet.

According to studies, Costa Rica is one of the best destinations worldwide

Through a study published this year by the digital platform Netspick, the most attractive cities for digital nomads are those in which special visas were recently approved for them, such as Melbourne, Dubai, Sydney, Tallinn and San José (Costa Rica). Other countries announced legislation to extend visas for up to five years, as proposed by Indonesia, or for four years, in the case of Thailand. It is worth noting that Costa Rica occupies the seventh place in the InsureMyTrip ranking, published this year by Forbes, which selected the ten best places for digital nomads.

Advantages of having a digital nomad visa

Studies have given the country good marks due to average internet speeds, average rental cost, acceptance of migrants, average cost of permits, visa duration, quality of life, and average hours spent learning the local language. The proximity it has with the United States and its wonders in the area of tourism has also been advantageous for Costa Rica.

It is important to inform that through approval of the digital nomads law, foreigners will be able to stay working for a year, with the option of another extendable, as long as they demonstrate a minimum monthly income of $ 3,000, or $ 4,000, if it comes. accompanied by his family.

Among other benefits, they have the exemption from income tax, the free import of equipment necessary for the service, recognition of the driver’s license and permission to open local bank accounts.

In Costa Rica a special bill was approved

 In their second debate, the national deputies of the Costa Rican Assembly approved the bill for digital nomads. The proposal had been presented previously, by deputy Carlos Ricardo Benavides, of the National Liberation Party (PLN). Said law basically establishes a special immigration status for foreigners who work remotely, for clients outside the Central American country.

Relocate to beach work remote
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