Costa Rica, the Best Place to Retire with Excellent Weather Year-round

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In the land of “Pure Life”, with great weather year-round, expats from North America and Europe report that they can be more outside, feel healthier, appear younger, and miss the snow. Costa Rica is the country that has the best climate in the world, offering sun all year round and a variety of options when it comes to the weather, from warm coastal areas to moderate temperatures and spring all year round.

The good news is that in the best retirement options in the country, you have great options when it comes to the weather. And that means no matter what you prefer, you can find a good-value location that offers it, and permanently remove your snow shovel, coat, and window scraper.

Although Costa Rica is the size of West Virginia, it has a wide range of different climates, so there really is something for everyone. The weather is absolutely perfect in Costa Rica. You can say for sure because, with 12 microclimates within the country, no matter what your definition of a “perfect” climate is, you can find it here.

For all the tastes

Do you like it warmer? Live near the beach. Do you like it cooler? Live in the mountains. More rain, less rain? It’s yours. If you want a stable mid-70s temperature all the time, Costa Rica haa it. If you prefer a little more variation, there is a place for you in this tropical paradise. If you are a lover of sunlight and, having lived in the cold Northern countries climate, well…winter is over. Living in Costa Rica on the beach, you can watch the sunrise almost every day of the year: You don’t need a coat anymore and don’t even have to put on a pair of jeans unless going to town, or to the mountains for a weekend. And ehen it rains, it feels refreshing. You never need to check the weather again. All you really need is a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a pair of flip-flops, that will be fine, all day, every day!

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