Costa Rica Registers a 113-year-old Patient Recovered

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Costa Rica registers a 113-year-old patient recovered from COVID-19, he is the oldest person who has overcome SARS-CoV-2 in our country. The record was added to the data released this past Tuesday, March 30th, with the past report of the oldest person recovered was 105 years old.

In total, Costa Rica registers 12 people over 100 years old recovered from COVID-19, these are reported in Talamanca, Guápiles, Corredores, Santo Domingo de Heredia, El Guarco de Cartago, San Ramón, Grecia and Carrizal de Alajuela. In addition, two cases are reported in San Carlos (Pocosol and Quesada district) and another two in the San José canton (El Carmen and Hatillo district).

In the statistics, the registry of seven adults over 100 years old who died after being infected with SARS-CoV-2 is added, the cases are registered in Barranca (Puntarenas), Nicoya, Santo Domingo de Heredia, San José (Merced district), Goicoechea (Ipís), Escazú (San Antonio) and Alajuelita (San Felipe). Of the total number of cases involving people over 100, there are also three people who currently have the active virus, two of them live in Golfito and the other in Aserrí.

Vaccination process

Vaccination for adults over 58 years of age began in late February after immunization of those over 80 was announced as a priority. Despite this, the Fund has not yet been able to apply the dose, not even to 100 percent of those over 100 years of age.

The data indicate that in Costa Rica there are 541 people of that age (100 years or more) and to date (cut to March 29th) a total of 438 have already received the first dose against COVID-19 and of them, 350 have also received the second dose. That means that there are still 103 people, over 100 years old who are still waiting for their dose against the virus.

Costa Rica registers a total of 216,764 accumulated and confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 192,699 are already recovered, 21,108 have the virus active and 2,957 died after infection. Of the total number of deceased persons, 2,050 were older adults, 903 were adults and four were minors.

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