Costa Rica is Opened to Visitors From all the World Without Negative Tests or Quarantine

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The Government of Costa Ricahas announced that it allowsarrivals of Tourists from all over the world, with practically no restrictions.Those who arrive in Costa Rica do not need to present a negative PCR test or undergo quarantine at destination. To enter Costa Rica you only need a medical insurance that covers costs for COVID-19 and to complete an epidemiological form.

A gradual re-opening

First Costa Rica opened domestic tourism; then international visitors were limited to very few countries considered “strategic”, including some of the Schengen area; later it was progressively expanding the authorized destinations, adding Central and South America and the Caribbean; and now the last stage in its reopening process is fully implemented.

No contagion detected

“Air traffic is not being a source of contagion, and that is the product of strict protocols,” said the head of the Tourism portfolio, who warned that the measure will be maintained as long as the evolution of the Pandemic in the country and the world allows compliance with it, in a biosecurity framework.

This decision, explained the official, seeks to continue reactivating the damaged economy of Costa Rica, from the boost to tourism, which contributes 8.2% of the national GDP (directly and indirectly) and generates 600,000 jobs. For this reason, he assured that the sector requires an “urgent economic reactivation”, especially in the regions of the Pacific, the Caribbean and the North.

In this regard, the Tourism Minister pointed out that Costa Rica is home to about 5% of the planet’s biodiversity, which constitutes one of its main attractions, a “new normal” in which demand is requiring these types of linked destinations to nature, open air and the low concentration of people.

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