Costa Rica is in the Top 15 Countries with the Cleanest Air

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Costa Rica ranks 14th among the countries with the cleanest air, reveals IQAir’s 2020 World Air Quality Report, published this year.

The concentration of suspended particles or particulate matter in the air we breathe is 8.2 micrograms per cubic meter. These particles are known as PM 2.5, a microscopic pollutant that can cause serious health risks.

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The territory with the least amount of these particles in its air is Puerto Rico. Places in South and East Asia continue to top the most polluted sites in the world. Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan share 49 of the 50 cities with the least breathable air.

IQAir is a global air quality information and technology company. Its researchers analyzed pollution data from 106 territories, specifically measuring PM 2.5.

World ranking

Territories with the cleanest air (amount of particulate matter in the air, measured in micrograms per cubic meter):

1. Puerto Rico (3.7)

2. New Caledonia (3.7)

3. Virgin Islands (3.7)

4. Sweden (5.5)

5. Finland (5.5)

14. Costa Rica (8.2)

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