Costa Rica is Declared the Happiest Country in Latin America

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Finland was voted the “happiest country in the world” for the fourth year in a row, ahead of Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland, in a world ranking of well-being that has been affected in disparate ways by the Pandemic. Germany ranked 13th, Canada 14th, the UK 17th, the United States 19th and Spain 27th. Europe monopolizes nine of the top ten places.

Latin America

In Latin America, Costa Rica stands out as the happiest in 16th place, followed by Guatemala (30th), Uruguay (31st), Brazil (35th), Mexico (36th), Panama (41st) and Chile (43rd), in a list of 149 nations that take into account data from the last three years.

The 149th country, that is, the most unhappy according to this list, is Afghanistan, a nation subjected to decades of wars and conflicts, accompanied in the last places by several African countries.

The authors of the study, sponsored by the United Nations and published since 2012, use polls by the Gallup company that question the interviewees about their perception of happiness and cross these data with GDP figures, data on individual freedom, corruption and others, to arrive at a result.

This study measures life expectancy at birth, GDP per capita, perception of corruption, freedom to make decisions, support from other people in difficult times, and generosity.

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