Costa Rica Experiences Exponential Growth in Residential Tourism.

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Currently in different countries of the world a new phenomenon called residential tourism is becoming evident. It consists of providing residences to people who settle temporarily or permanently in the tourist destination.

This action is directly related to a large number of foreign investments. This has changed the way different countries in the world develop, including Costa Rica. Since it is Latin America where the growth of this population has been most strongly evidenced.

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A phenomenon that has changed over time

This situation has been experienced before in other latitudes and in fact it is a well-known action in southern Europe, especially in Spain, where it has occurred and maintained for several years. There are other destination where this tradition of residential tourism, among them Mexico and the Caribbean stand out. Currently it has also added countries such as Panama, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

In this particular case, many people wonder why this option is viable? To which it is easy to answer: that many of these people decide on a partial or definitive destination in search of a better quality of life.

Costa Rica, more than a destination to visit

In 2016, the percentage of non-resident visitors who entered the country through its main airport (Juan Santamaría) that claimed their reason for visiting the country was for workshops or training from different companies or businesses was 11% .

While for the year 2019 this figure doubled after reaching 20% ​​in the statistics. It is appropriate to highlight, of that total, it was found that 18.6% justified their stay for more than a couple of days in order to get to know the country and attend their business training. These figures were provided by the press department of the Juan Santamaría airport.

A powerful activator of the tourism sector for the country

As we have been mentioning; the so-called residential tourism represents for our country a provider of tourist activity. With regard to this, the main leaders of the nation work hard to consolidate strategies in order to present Costa Rica as an ideal destination for meeting and tourism, but also for working.

In this regard, it is also important to consider if we do a quick search on Costa Rica, the global positioning of which it already enjoys being one of the main destinations in the world that expands its quarry of the tourism sector and begins to adapt to important and new elements derived from this sector. Of those that arise are residential and business tourism.


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