Costa Rica and Panama are Preferred Paradises for Enjoying Retirement

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Panama and Costa Rica occupied the first two positions as the best havens to retire in ‘The World’s Top 10 Retirement Havens International Living 2021 Annual Global Retirement Index’, carried out by International

The report that is carried out year after year considers a series of criteria such as cost of living, purchases, investments, medical attention, climate, among others, to obtain the best countries in the world where to retire and lead a quiet life.

It is in this way that this 2021, nations such as Vietnam, Malta, France, Malaysia, Ecuador, Portugal, Colombia and Mexico managed to be placed on the select list. But at the forefront of all of them were two Central American countries, thus demonstrating the great attraction that the region has as a second home.


Panama ranked second. “Its popularity has a lot to do with its modern infrastructure, its proximity to the United States and its mild climate,” the report highlights. Among the factors that led this country to stand out as a retirement paradise are the “First World” amenities it offers, but at much more reasonable prices than other developed nations. Furthermore, its capital city was described as a bustling, vibrant and exciting metropolis.

Panama also offers different recreational alternatives such as exclusive golf courses and tennis courts, as well as the possibility of practicing fishing, surfing and bird watching.

Undisputed first place: Costa Rica

However, the first undisputed place was obtained by Costa Rica. “Hidden between Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, the country can really have it all,” the publication assures.

Among the characteristics that allowed it to be the absolute winner, its tropical climate, its modern cities, as well as its beautiful beaches, tropical jungles, lush valleys and mountains stand out.

Likewise, its low cost of living, excellent medical care and modern telecommunications infrastructure and, of course, its dazzling landscapes stood out. Thus it became the best paradise to retire.

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