“Community Professors” Project Seeks To Prevent 400 Students From Leaving Classrooms This Year In Costa Rica

Written by Tamarindo News

Getting 400 students at risk of exclusion to remain in or rejoin classrooms is the goal set this year by the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), the Ministry of Justice and Peace (MJP) and the Organization of Ibero-American States ( OEI). Through the “Community Professors” project, it is intended to prevent students from leaving the classrooms.

Community teachers are professionals in the psychosocial area who support students to encourage permanence in the educational system, or to support people who are outside the system and wish to return.

“Each community teacher will support at least one educational center defined by the five Regional Educational Directorates selected, and will work with students at risk of educational exclusion,” explained Paula Villalta, the Vice Minister of Institutional Planning and Regional Coordination of the MEP.

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The initiative promotes synergies between institutions, educational centers, communities and families, to offer a more comprehensive attention to the educational needs of the people targeted by the project.

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