Cahuita’s Cultural Inventory Will Allow an Approach to its Sociocultural

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Allowing an approach to the sociocultural reality of Cahuita is the objective of the cultural inventory that the Costa Rican Cultural Information System (Sicultura) of the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ) will carry out in the locality.

The project estimates the active participation of institutional and community actors, who will be able to provide information that will later be incorporated into the Cultural Directory of Sicultura.

The execution of the initiative begins this month and ends next December. It will focus on seven themes: artists or art and culture workers, cultural groups, community organizations, cultural festivities, traditional food and drinks, cultural manifestations and cultural infrastructure.

Project will be carried out in eight stages

The Cahuita Cultural Inventory 2021 will be carried out in eight stages in an intensive manner in the locality, which are grouped into three: inauguration of the process, gathering and systematization of the information and preparation of a strategy for monitoring and returning the results.

“A vital aspect for the proper development of the cultural inventories project has been to start from the guiding principles of the right of citizens to enjoy their cultural rights, believe in their constant participation and the collective construction of knowledge,” reported the Unit of Culture and Economy (UCE) of the MCJ. The Unit also indicated that having a cultural inventory allows any work initiative to be based on information that reflects the reality of the context, needs and aspirations.

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