Best Car Rental in Costa Rica: Mytanfeet Recommendation & Review

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Renting a car in Costa Rica and have no idea which company to go with? In this post, we’ll share with you our personal recommendation for the best car rental in Costa Rica.

This Costa Rican car rental company is 100% Costa Rican, have been in business for over 30 years and have offices all throughout the country. Want to know more? Read on below!

And for those of you who want a jump start on booking your car, we have teamed up with this Costa Rica car rental company to give discounts and extra benefits to our readers. Just click on our Costa Rica car rental discount link here to check quotes, availability and make reservations with our promo. Also check our renting a car in Costa Rica post for more tips!

Adobe Rent a Car: Best Car Rental in Costa Rica

There are international and local car rental companies in Costa Rica and for us, we personally like to support local companies. In this particular case, Adobe Rent a Car is the oldest car rental company in Costa Rica with over 30 years of experience and offer all-inclusive pricing. With excellent customer service, knowledgeable agents and a well maintained fleet, it was easy for us to choose who we believe is the best car rental in Costa Rica and who to partner with to give Mytanfeet readers a Costa Rica car rental discount and extra freebies.

And below you will read more why.

The Importance of All-Inclusive Pricing in Costa Rica

What is all inclusive pricing and why is it important in Costa Rica? Well you may have heard that renting a car in Costa Rica is a scam and read many horror stories from previous tourists. Unfortunately, there are companies in Costa Rica that implement what we see as dishonest practices regarding insurance.

For example, if you check third party booking sites, you may see a crazy cheap car rental, like $5 USD a day for a SUV. When you go to book that car, your total will be only like $50 for a week. So you think that it’s super cheap and that you don’t need to pay anything else.

However, when you arrive in Costa Rica and pick up the car, the agency tells you that you have an additional X amount of hundred dollars to pay and that your deposit will be something crazy like $3000 USD. And that you have to purchase an insurance, it is obligatory. This happens because the third party booking site you originally used didn’t include any taxes, fees or insurance so you had no idea there were other charges to pay.

So you’re left with an incredibly awful experience and you feel like you were scammed.

Adobe Rent a Car doesn’t do ANY of that. They offer all-inclusive pricing so the total amount on your reservation is exactly what you pay when you pick up the car. No extra fees, taxes or charges. You know exactly which insurances you will pay for and which are optional. You also know how much your deposit will be.

They offer a stress free and trustworthy car rental experience in Costa Rica and for us, that makes them the best car rental in Costa Rica.

What to Know About Costa Rican Car Rental Insurance

Adobe Rent a Car’s insurances are easy to understand as they only have three. One is mandatory, one is optional and one can be declined by using a credit card’s car rental insurance. It is easy to understand, very well displayed and not hidden.

Read more about Adobe Rent a Car’s insurances here.

Some agencies make it super confusing. They may have up to or more than 5 insurance options, use confusing language and just aren’t clear. Also some of them may offer options such as If you purchase insurance 1 but not 2, 3 and 4, your deposit is $5000 USD. If you purchase insurances 1, 2 and 3, your deposit is $500. If you purchase insurance 1, 2 and 4, your deposit is $2000.

SO confusing right?

Adobe Rent a Car doesn’t do that at all. Just three insurances and that’s it.

One of the benefits of renting a car through Mytanfeet is that we offer a $500 or $750 USD deposit instead of the original $1000 USD deposit.

Pros About Adobe Rent a Car and Why They are the Best Car Rental in Costa Rica

They are 100% Costa Rican

best car rental in Costa Rica
With the Adobe team member in San Jose.

As a traveler, I much prefer my money to go to the locals than the foreign companies, especially in a country that depends on tourism so much like Costa Rica.

The entire Adobe Rent a Car company is Costa Rican, from the owners to all employees.

Being a 100% Costa Rican company also gives a bit more peace of mind because that means they know Costa Rican laws inside and out. Everyone in the company knows the roads, knows what it’s like to drive in Costa Rica and knows what tourists are looking for when it comes to a good car rental experience.

Easy to Understand Insurance

With only 3 insurance options, it is easy to understand exactly what you are paying for and what insurance covers what. It is clearly written what the insurances cover so there is no confusion.

Excellent Service

When it comes to customer service, Adobe has excellent customer service. From their reservations department to their counter agents, everyone is polite and friendly.

Well Maintained Fleet

Another reason why Adobe Rent a Car is the best car rental in Costa Rica is their well maintained fleet. They have a fleet of cars that are no more than 2 years old and they keep them in very good condition.

This is something very important to consider when price comparison shopping. You may see a cheap car rental but keep in mind that that company may use really old cars, like 5 years or more. A 1 year old rental car vs 5 year old rental car is drastically different in Costa Rica due to the road conditions. The 5 year old car may have something like 500,000 kilometers on it too and with all the gravel and unpaved roads in Costa Rica, the condition of that car will not be the same as a 1 year old rental car.


No hidden fees, no surprise taxes, no last minute charges. Nothing. You don’t need to worry about any of that when you rent a car with Adobe!

As mentioned earlier, they use an all-inclusive pricing structure so clients pay exactly the amount written on their confirmation.

My Experience: Our Adobe Rent a Car Review

I first rented a car with Adobe many years ago and this was before our partnership with them. I wanted to rent with a local company and heard many great things about Adobe. My experience went flawlessly. They delivered my car to our condo in Jaco and picked it up there as well. I rented a sedan (Hyundai Accent) for me and 2 friends and we drove from Jaco to Manuel Antonio National Park and Playas del Coco.

The car worked great, was comfortable and clean. Everything was clearly explained to me by the agent and I had no confusion about what I was paying for. After my car rental experience with Adobe, we then knew that we wanted to partner with them and we’re happy that we are able to give our Mytanfeet readers a car rental discount and extra freebies to help them save money on their vacation.

If you have any questions about our discount or about Adobe, please feel free to contact us.

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