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Walking in the mall, the temptation for some women is shoes, after observing many types of footwear, they go to the children’s section and marvel at those mini shoes that they could put on their baby. Although the market offers them, it does not mean that it is beneficial for a child who has not yet started the march.
Why don’t pediatricians recommend putting shoes on a 0-2-year-old child?
Children’s feet are developing, the first 18 months of life is where most changes occur at the neurophysiological level.
They must leave them barefoot to facilitate their sensory development and to be able to experience the tactile sensitivity captured by numerous nerve endings found on the soles of the feet.
This sensitivity captured by the child through his feet will generate two types of responses: Exteroceptive Or Superficial Response:Through sensory receptors distributed in the skin, in this case, the sole (Merkel discs and Meissner corpuscles) that receive stimuli from the outside and the afferent nerves that carry the sensory information related to the central nervous system.
It transmits sensations of temperature, pain, texture, shapes of the ground; It is the type of information that the infant receives while not walking and that is much finer in the feet than in the hands.

Proprioceptive or deep response: this type of response informs about body movements and posture in space. It corresponds to the balance that the child develops when starting to walk, the shape of his legs, and his back, which allow his stability.
It is also important to leave your child barefoot for motor development. A 7-month-old infant puts his feet to his mouth, in this way he develops motor skills and when starting to walk, resting his bare feet on surfaces of different textures and even irregular ones helps him to develop muscle.

  1. It favors the formation of the plantar arch.
  2. The immune system is strengthened.
  3. Strengthens the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the feet.
  4. Children have better body control, better balance, more leg strength, and fewer ankle and knee injuries.
  1. There is a feeling of freedom, something fundamental for everyone.
  2. Prevents fungus, because bare feet sweat less.
  3. Without a doubt, going barefoot helps neurological and psychomotor development.
  4. Improves posture and stability when walking, jumping, and running. Better leave your baby barefoot! …
    This way you prevent the child from losing sensitivity and movement. The opportunity to explore your environment and yourself.
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