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Costa Rica is a seductive country for all the senses. Its colorful beaches and landscapes captures everyone’s attention. The aroma of its endemic flowers and fruits catches all the senses. The sound of its traditional music and the peculiar accents of its people are a symphony to the ears. The pleasure of walking barefoot through its fields and the textures of its traditional fabrics are unique experiences. The flavors of its cuisine, enchants the most exquisite taste. And importantly, its attractive investment opportunities are waiting just for you.

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Buying Properties in Costa Rica and its infinite benefits

When buying a property in Costa Rica, the benefits are infinite, but you must do it carefully and avoid a rush to acquire a property “as of now”; that is a risk both for your investment. The best thing is to take everything easy, think carefully about how and what your investment will be and make the ideal moves for a great purchase in the Land of Pura Vida.

One of the main obstacles that you could find when trying to invest in a property in Costa Rican is the paperwork. The paperwork can be tiring and time consuming, however, with the help of the experts to guide you along the way, the process can be a little quicker, and it will certainly be less tiring.

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Expert advice required

It is always important to have the advice of a real estate expert to guide you step by step and help you fill out the different application forms, which must be submitted together with the applicant’s data. Additionally, you must present data of the property, purchase permission and also specify the request of the “legal representative”, that is, the banking institution that will support you. Once your permit is approved, the banking institution will proceed to carry out the negotiations and agree on the price of the property.

After entering into the contract, verifying that everything is in order, you will enter into a purchase contract with the seller. You will receive the certificate of trust that accredits you as the beneficiary of the property. With that certificate you can have the property as if it were yours, because, in reality, it already is.

Enjoy your property

Now Relax: Fortunately, this is a procedure that you do not have to do alone. Prestigious real estate agencies offer their clients a complete accompaniment. Yes, we know that the process is not the simplest and most agile, but we are sure that if you place yourself in the hands of the experts and let them worry while you only dedicate yourself to taking care of your investment, everything will turn out perfect. Welcome!

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