All Internet Operators in Costa Rica Exceed the Minimum…

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The Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel), carried out the National Evaluation of the Fixed Internet Service 2020, which measured the quality of the internet service that Costa Ricans received.

Regarding the download speed, a comparison was made between the contracted speed and the received speed: the higher the percentage, the better the service. All operators exceeded the minimum threshold of 80 percent. Tigo offers 100 percent, Telecable 93.8 percent, Cabletica 92.7 percent and ICE 83.3 percent.

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On the part of the upload speed, all operators also exceed the minimum regulatory threshold of 80 percent. ICE ranks first with 95.6 percent, Telecable with 94.3 percent, Tigo with 91.9 percent and Cabletica with 90.1 percent.

International delay

The report also evaluated international delay, which is the response time of networks measured in milliseconds (ms), from the moment the user makes a query on the network until they receive a response. The fastest response was Cabletica with 66 ms, followed by ICE 72.9 ms, Tigo 78.5 ms and Telecable 79.6 ms.

The report collected the information through 249 measuring equipment or probes, which are placed in homes distributed in different parts of the country and receive the signal from the companies Cabletica, ICE, Telecable and Tigo. These companies represent 93.6 percent of the Costa Rican market.

It should be noted that Costa Rica had 992,725 Internet accesses through fixed broadband.

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