A New Access is Opened in the Guadalupe/San José Viaduct

Written by Tamarindo News

This past week, the passage was opened through the new viaduct built at the so-called Guadalupe crossing. The opening is made with the promise in the future to build a third level in the area that will allow solving all the traffic congestion problems.

The new viaduct was completed in the agreed time (14 months), the work has a cost of $ 19.5 million and was in charge of the Spanish company Puentes y Calzadas. During its execution, the authorities analyzed the possibility of expanding the contract by $ 7 million and taking advantage of the moment of the intervention to build a third level that would allow a fluid passage in the Guadalupe-San José direction and vice versa.

The idea arose from the realization of new traffic studies that indicated that the works would not solve all the congestion points on the site, because its design was developed in 2014, that is, it was out of date.

Despite the authorities’ idea, the plan had to be discarded due to lack of resources and also because the Internal Audit of the National Highway Council (Conavi) requested updated technical studies.

Now, the third level in the area remains as a promise.
“When we have the flow of economic resources again, it will definitely be necessary to take into account this design and this pending construction,” the Conavi engineer in charge of the project, Carlos Jiménez, declared. The expert said he was satisfied with the completed work and added that as construction progresses in La Bandera, drivers will notice a greater flow of traffic.

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