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Alajuela is home to a wide variety of attractions, both man-made and natural. The province is the site of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges, the Cordillera Central, in addition to several volcanic national parks.

Travelers looking to have a cultural experience will also be able to enjoy this region, as it is home to the city of Alajuela, a quiet metropolitan area located just outside of San José. It also has attractive Rivers that seem taken from fairy tales, such as the Rio Celeste, for tourists visiting the river is like being in one of the landscapes that appear in princess tales.

It is a river, located in the canton of Guatuso in the province of Alajuela. It is formed by the confluence of the Buena Vista and Quebrada Agria rivers on the slopes of the Tenorio volcano.

Due to its particular coloration, the result of an optical effect produced by the dispersion of sunlight to the high concentration of aluminum silicates in its waters, it is an important national and international tourist destination in our country. It is one of the most popular rivers in the country due to its particular coloration that ranges from blue to turquoise, which attracts tourists to visit this charming river.

Why the color?

For years, scientists tried to find the reason why 14 kilometers of river were dyed an intense blue but it was not until 2003 when researchers from the University of Costa Rica and the national took water samples, both from the celestial river and its two tributaries, and solved the enigma. The answer to the mystery of the bluish color was in the chemical composition of the water.

The Rio Celeste a magical place to get lost in

Its main attraction is the deposition of colloidal silica at the bottom of the river, which allows the river to begin to take on a characteristic light blue color where the magical presence of its blue and turquoise waters takes place.

Other of the main attractions of the Rio Celeste

It has a waterfall that forms a natural pool at its feet with the most celestial waters that you have ever seen. The corresponding hike through the trail next to the pool cannot be missed within the route to the river.

In addition to the Cascada del Rio Celeste, there is the blue lagoon where there is a quantity of colloidal silica. So when the day is quite sunny, it shows a deep blue coloration and finally it also has a viewpoint from where you can see part of the Tenorio Volcano.

To conclude, we make you a cordial invitation to visit the Rio Celeste so that you can confirm with your own eyes that this is a place where God cleaned his brushes when he finished painting the sky and this great gift that nature gave us in our country Costa Rica.

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