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Written by Tamarindo News

I am going to post an article , to me is a WTF moment is something that you didn’t expect, a bit out of the norm that leaves you speechless.  

So, last Thursday I was shopping at Super Arenal grocery in Nuevo Arenal. Anyone who goes there knows parking is dicey with delivery trucks coming and going, often parked in an odd position, even behind cars. So I make my purchases, notice the delivery truck parked behind me horizontal to the side. A quick glance and I felt I had room to back out clearing the truck. Wrong!.

I quickly heard what I thought was an explosion! It was the end corner of the truck going through my back window! OMG! It made a horrific sound!.

When I saw what happened I can only describe it as having a complete meltdown !   

As I cried and screamed, I think I actually frightened people because the people at POLLOLANDIA, Yeylin and Harol, friends of mine from many years, were trying to calm me down, taping plastic over the gaping hole and doing everything they could to help me. The chofer of the truck did his best to calm me. I was completely unglued crying and screaming. I think part of it is dealing with grief and stress of many traumas these past four months since I lost my husband.

So, with plastic taped on my windshield, I headed back completely unnerved.

Here is the WTF. My good friends, Yeylin and Harol, owners of POLLOLANDIA, and I found out, the driver of the truck made all of the arrangements for the windshield replacement company in San Carlos to come to my house and completely replace the windshield at…drum roll…a fraction of the cost normally charged! I suspect the driver of the truck made special arrangements for the poor little lady who was so distraught over her smashed windshield. So here is my chance to thank all who were involved and give special recognition to the company who came to my rescue. And BTW, they were fast, professional, and even had the vac for cleaning the shards of glass!

So, it is a WTF in the fact that it was people stepping in when you don’t expect it…a life raft to a drowning woman!.

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