5 Viewpoints In San José That Will Leave You Speechless!

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When it comes to thinking about what to visit in San José, Costa Rica, you can always find wonderful places. With spaces totally dominated by nature, you can sight the hallmark of a unique country. Within a long list of beautiful places to visit in San José, Costa Rica, the viewpoints have a special space. Today, we want to help you find some to spend a totally different day.

This is a selection of some of the most beautiful viewpoints in and around San José. We invite you to meet them and enjoy a spectacular day!

1. Las Piedritas

It is a very beautiful place located in Santa Ana, where you can delight yourself with an incredible partial view of the Greater Metropolitan Area. Getting there is very easy and in just a few minutes you can put civilization aside and connect with nature. To have a great day, we recommend you bring a blanket to sit on, something to snack on, sunscreen and good company.

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2. La Ventolera

The hills of Escazú are a privilege for this region and for all of Costa Rica. They have an unmatched natural wealth and are one of the most sought-after viewpoints in San José. From its highest point, the views of the city are impressive. Getting there is also very simple and we recommend you bring something to eat, since spending hours outdoors tends to make you very hungry. Do not forget to bring a hat, sunscreen, a waterproof jacket, sunglasses, a tablecloth to lie down on and something that is “mandatory”: a few cards to slide down the hill and become a child again (carefully!).

3. Rancho Redondo

On the way to San Isidro de Coronado, you can reach the picturesque and quiet area of ​​Rancho Redondo. A beautiful land dedicated to livestock and dairy production, full of landscapes ideal for photography and walks. With green areas to sit and rest, contemplate the horizon or read a good book. It is advisable to bring a good camera to document the wonderful views of the Central Valley at sunset.

4. Piedra de Aserrí

There is a mysterious and extremely beautiful place in the hills of Bustamante, in the canton of Aserrí. Declared a Historical Heritage of Costa Rica in 1992, the Piedra de Aserrí area has a special charm and an interesting legend about the Witch Zárate. Beyond myths, this option proposes a walk through a path through coffee plantations and fields destined for agriculture. Upon arrival, an impressive view opens towards the Irazú, Poás, Barva volcanoes and the Central Valley of San José. Many people take advantage of extreme sports such as climbing and rock descent. A good alternative if you feel very adventurous.

5. The Eólica de Santa Ana

If you are looking for a place where technology and nature meet in a unique balance and that allows you to enjoy dream views totally free, you cannot miss the Eólicas: without a doubt one of those places that you have to visit in San José de Costa Rica. You can ask for an Uber to get to Ciudad Colón, but we recommend you walk to the top of the mountain to enjoy the views before reaching one of the best viewpoints in San José. You will be able to see the entire Central Valley, witnessing a gentle acoustic struggle between the wind and the wind, which, without a doubt, will ruffle your hair. It is a place to enjoy a special afternoon with your partner, friends or family.

Now, you have more beautiful places to visit in San José, Costa Rica. Ideally, you will always have the best company with you; that is, whoever is willing to share the fun. Remember that some of these viewpoints are a few kilometers away, so you can count on Uber. In addition, with UberXL you can travel with up to 5 family members or friends and, at the end of the trip, split the fare. We wish you a great day of viewpoints in San José and do not forget to enjoy, not only with your eyes, but also with your heart.

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