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Sharky’s Agent Orange concert to benefit the community

Written by Tamarindo News

.By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo by Agent Orange

There are lots of big changes going on at Sharky’s bar and restaurant, and it looks like the moves made by owners Ben Ziegler and Richard Whitman will raise much-needed money for the area’s necessities.

With the development of The Yard, their project behind the already popular location, the proprietors have plans to transform the spot into a large community space for charity events, local fundraisers and community projects.

Although the attempted concert series last month with the Sunsplash reggae festival was halted under nefarious circumstances (which THE Tamarindo News is investigating and will report on next month), Sharky’s will present Punk at the Playa, a festival on May 20 featuring surf punk band Agent Orange and punk rockmetal band Throw the Goat, both from California.

All events at The Yard will be 100% non-profit under the auspices of Profits With Purpose (PWP), which is a foundation that will distribute money from door sales, concessions and event merchandise to groups like Asociacion de Desarollo Integral Tamarindo (ADIT), CEPIA, and Asociación Lucha Contra el Cáncer Infantil (ALCCI), in which they have already been in touch.

“PWP is the driving promoter of these events, they are run like a business but the foundations receive all the distributed profit to raise money for great causes while bringing bigger named talent to the beach,” explained Ziegler.

“Musicians are more than happy to work while at the beach and if it is for charity it is an even bigger plus. We are doing a very limited number of events each year at the location since there at special permits involved and we aren’t looking to destroy the town with noise pollution. The idea is to bring great acts to Tamarindo to promote international and national tourism with an event that people know that all their money they spend for the event and at it is going to great causes.”

Agent Orange are an internationally known surf and skate punk band, whose music Ziegler felt would fit into our community.

Founded in 1979 out of Placentia, California, the band’s current members include Mike Palm (guitar, lead vocals), Perry Giordano (bass, backing vocals) and Dave Klein (drums, backing vocals). They have released three studio albums as well as three EPs, and have appeared on numerous complication albums, most notably their single debut, “Bloodstains,” featured on the Rodney on the ROQ record.

“Agent Orange are a surf and skate punk band which naturally fits into our community,” Ziegler said.

“The people I am seeing the most excited about this are ranging in the age of 30-50 and even 60. Agent Orange were legendary in the California surf and skate scene in the early ‘80s, but fans of punk/ska/ hardcore of all ages are familiar with them so I do think there is a market. The demographic isn’t just Tamarindo, it is Guanacaste and to some extent even the rest of the country since going to the beach for a vacation and music events are common in San Jose. We are hoping that the neighbors can bear with us for a few days of the year for the good of raising money for good causes.”

Throw the Goat’s lead singer and bassist Michael Schnalzer lived in Tamarindo about 10 years ago. The other members of the band include drummer Tim Olivier, lead guitarist Brian Parnell, and rhythm guitarist Johnny Wilson. The band has released four albums.

Already, PWP under the leadership of Ziegler and Whitman have donated $10,000 to Have-A-Heart, the educational support charity, and another $3,500 to CEPIA during the Robert August Surf and Turf. Plans include additional contributions to the Oneida Park redevelopment.

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