Tamarindo’s Young Entrepreneurs Boost Boat Construction

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By Tamarindo News Staff .Photo courtesy: CCTT

• Boatsto be used in tours and sportfishing.

• Initiative is eager to sell boats in Nicaragua and Panama.

Two young entrepreneurs from Playa Tamarindo have developed the boat building market in this area of Guanacaste, where their first ship is actually now already being used for tours and sport fishing. The development of this new source of employment is led by Ricardo Pilurzu and Ross Menking, who, four years ago, dreamt of a project that would diversify the supply of goods in Tamarindo.

As a result, they founded the Katalyst Yacht Designs company. According to Pilurzu, the local offerings of boats is “very limited” to a few options in the local marina.

Their new business develops custom-made boats, targeted to the area and their customers´ needs.

“After travelling several times abroad and meeting people in the boating industry, we learned that it was possible to build perfect boats for the region. So, step by step, we began to design K34 at a slow pace because we started from the hull,” Pilurzu added.

The Pilurzu and Menking entrepreneurship is based on the concept of “custom boat building” which entails crafting according to the client’s expectations. For example, they do not use molds because the designs come from individual specifications.

So far, there have been two boats with finished construction, with many others being custom designed. “K34, now called Mankeme, is a boat designed for sport fishing and surf trips that is equipped with everything necessary to have a comfortable day in the water.

The boat measures 34 feet long (10.36 meters) and 10 feet wide (3 meters), which makes it very stable.

At the same time, it is efficient given that it is very light as well as extraordinarily adequate in diesel consumption. It uses an average of 10.5 gallons per hour at 23 knots speed or 1.3 gallons at 7 knots, with maximum speed of 32 knots. It has a 480-horsepower diesel engine,” Pilurzu said.

According to manufacturer specifications, the boats are made with three types of raw materials. The hull is made of laurel wood coated with high-quality epoxy resin.

The interior structure was created with a foam used in the aerospace industry covered with fiberglass, with a final finish of marine paint. “All highest quality accessories are imported from the United States: for example, 316 stainless steel.

The combination of the materials makes the boat extremely light and strong. The laurel in the hull absorbs vibrations that attract fish. This type of construction is found in the most prestigious ships in the world of sport fishing,” Pilurzu explained.

Diversified production

Hernan Imhoff, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT), said that this initiative represents a “clear signal” that this Guanacaste beach does offer great opportunities for investment and business development.

“This kind of local entrepreneurship shows that our region offers an idea environment to develop new projects, with sources of employment. The outstanding local logistics include legal, financial and architecture advice, among other services, only mentioning just three examples,” explained the President of the Chamber.

Imhoff added that the growth of tourism in Tamarindo has a “multiplier effect” on other segments of the local economy such as transportation, gastronomy and handicraft production, among others.

“The fact that first world ships are being built here is a great attraction for investors because the area provides talent in many fields. Therefore, new sources of employment are created, which enhances the quality of life,” he added.

The boats made in Tamarindo seek to expand to the market from here to Nicaragua and Panamá, nations that have shown interest in this development.

Those interested in knowing more details can enter the website, Contact:, tel 8843- 9752 / 8835-8500

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