Tamarindo’s Police Service Center (CAP) moved

Written by Tamarindo News

By Tamarindo News Staff

Police mobile operates at Cabinas Colibrí Last month, the Ministry of Health of Santa Cruz issued an order to remove the bus where the Police Attention Center (CAP) of Playa Tamarindo housed their operations from the location they were parked in the center of town.

One of the reasons they cited was a lack of sanitary services for bathrooms. As a result, for a while, the town, arguably one of the most important tourist centers in Costa Rica, was without a police delegation that utilized the services of the CAP including its space to take denucias, the government-required reports for criminal activity.

Members of Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI), who are the liaisons for the community with the police, were concerned that the influx of tourists and the residents who live here would remain without their own police facility to receive complains, make inquiries, and provide security that a popular area such as this one requires.

Fortunately, the Diriá Hotel stepped in and offered up space outside the Cabinas Colibrí where they have already donated facilities where officers from the tourist police currently operate.

According to Trevor Bernard of ADI, one example of the need of having CAP in Tamarindo came to light last month: During the CAP downtime, some tourists had their camera stolen.

The security people at the hotel where they were staying identified the thieves who still had the camera in their possession and called the tourist police who arrived on the scene and notified the victims that they had to go to Santa Cruz to file a report (denuncia) in order for them to proceed with the case.

“It was the last day of their holiday and the Santa Cruz office is far from Tamarindo, so they were unable to go,” said Bernard.

“The system requires a denuncia, which was only available to be made in Santa Cruz at that time. Since that did not happen, the police could not proceed with the case nor was a trial conducted.”

“It is known that most tourists do not usually follow up on a legal case that occurred during their vacation. That generates vulnerability throughout the country, not just in Tamarindo,” he added. The solution, for the moment, seems to be in hand, with CAP’s truck parked at Cabinas Colibrí. Crime victims will be sent there to make “denuncias.”

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