Tamarindo organizes to protect Green Zones

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo courtesy ADE

On July 21, a group of over 80 people met to take the first steps in creating
the Asociación de Desarrollo Específico (ADE), to oversee the maintenance and
improvement of Tamarindo’s public zones. The new organization will work separately,
but in cooperation with Asociación deDesarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI). Both ADE and ADI fall under the auspecies of the Direction Nacional de Desarrollo dela Comunidad (DINADECO), the national oversight organization that works on the central government’s agenda for social and
developmental matters in the country’s communities.

According to Jose Colombari, a local architect who was elected President of ADE, the new group will address the “lack of interest” from the Santa Cruz Municipality, specifically “to protect and
develop all public green zones and public zones of Tamarindo.” The general assembly
that took place in July, elected a board of directors, and ADE is currently waiting for
the legal work to be completed to officially set things in motion. An agenda was also
set from the meeting. “ADE started back in 1993 with a groupof citizens working for the community by letting the Municipality of Santa Cruz know the importance of a structured development to protect the green and public zones of
Tamarindo,” Colombari recalled.

“They organized to become the Asociación Pro Mejoras, as well as the birth of local efforts like Salvemonos, who are working on the alamedas as natural corridors for both humans and wildlife as well as nurseries for the endemic vegetation; and all the
organizations protecting and cleaning the beach. Us architectural students were asked to make a proposal for a Tamarindo Master plan in 2000, and more recently in 2014
another one was made by Universidad Veritas.”

“I myself started working on this in 2000 when my University (Universidad del
Diseño) developed the Tamarindo Master Plan for Pro Mejoras, back then because the area development was increasing and it was a good time to envision a ecofriendly urbanistic development.,” he added. “Eighteen years after, we are still impulsing these ideas.”
Despite the recent controversy over the public area in front of Cabinas Marielos— where Pico Bistro was built after receiving Municipality permits while local architects had earlier received permits to create a public park in that area with greenery and bathrooms—that situation was not specifically a factor in the decision to organize ADE. Colombari noted that that situation was an example of “public spaces and green zones being invaded and changing the use of land for personal interest and not for the entire community.”

ADE plans to reach out to government agencies and seek financial assistance, as well as implementing fundraising to initiate its agenda. More simply, the group expects to promote hands-on participation to improve the green zones, with tree planting and area cleanups, the latter to compliment the efforts of ADI.

Recently, ADI has met with the Municipality to review the existing zoning of Tamarindo. This opens the door for ADE’s first project which would be to define the public and green zones of the area and ultimately create a New Plan Regulador for the town. The full, newly elected Board of Directors of ADE are:

Jose Colombari, President Alejandro León, Vice President Natalia García, Secretary Diana Zimmerman, Treasurer Anahí Contreras, Vocal 1 Leonardo Cascante, Vocal 2 Yury Álvarez, Vocal 3 Simona Danielle, Fiscal Fabián Ramírez, Substitute 1 Federico Pilurzu, Substitute 2 María Eugenia Roldán, Substitute 3.

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