Tamarindo is a center for Art and those who create it

Written by Mariano

By Ellen Zoe Golden

Tamarindo has always been a fertile place for artists to cultivate their crafts. In March, a group of internationally renowned artists come to town to create new works during the Tamarindo Art Wave, a three-day event to promote the cultural side of our community. Aside for that, our local resident artists have found success on their own in area galleries, and of course, online.

Let’s meet the artists:

Here are a group from Tamarindo:

Susan Adams

Since 1995, this feisty Texas red-haired transplant has been painting local natives, plants and animals using techniques like stucco, gesso, acrylics, metallic paints and oils. Her latest work, Costa Rica Mia, can be found in Hidden Garden Art Gallery, near Liberia.

Natalyn Cimerrio

There’s something spiritual, both in her persona and in her paintings, that attracts people to Natalyn Cimerrio. It’s probably her bloodline—great grandfather Charles Cimerrio was a famous Paris painter in the early 1890s—or her study of Balinese painting and Mayan Astrology that is reflected in her work.

María Soledad de la Riva

This artist describes herself as a “Mother, Painter, Dreamer, Illustrator and Muralist” who spends her time divided between Costa Rica and Argentina. Each of the art works on her website or at her self-named gallery on the main road in Langosta represent all that she is. “I paint what I am.”

Rocío Arango

Also known as Gian Suvalli, this playful artist brings glass alive with a subtle humor. Prolific, she works daily on the many pieces that can be found in La Galería at the Garden Plaza.!rocio-arango/c1ini

Agustina Bartolelli

Who would have thought that restaurants would inspire art? That’s just what happened to Agustina Bartolelli, an Argentine who studied design and saw the potential in restaurant bottles. Her glass fusion can be found at La Galería.!agustina-bartolelli/c3ju


Robb Havassy

A Southern Californian native and former model, Rob Havassy is known in the surf culture as one of the more prolific and prominent creative forces. He gives voice to the spirit of skating and surfing through his paintings, in books, sculpture, fashion design, photography, film, apparel, cooking and surfboard design. Check out his work at La Galería or at

Malu Moreira Leao

Having spent 20 years as a stylist in Brazil, Malu Moreira found her calling in abstract paintings with colors and shapes forming a sensation of an urban nature. Many are female portraits utilizing painting techniques, collages and 3D. At La Galería.!copy-of-copy-of-artistpage/c1t9k

Alejandra Parody

Many around town know Alejandra Parody for her dance skills, but her background is more diverse. Hailing from Argentina, the past 14 year she’s lived in Costa Rica creating geometric Mandalas, spiritual shapes inspired by the cosmos to give others emotional balance. They can be found at La Galería.!alejandra-parody/cjne

Andrea Raffo

Andrea Raffo has traveled all over: Born in Mexico to Peruvian parents, she’s spent time in Brazil, London, Lausanne, Aix-en-Provance, German before finally settling in Costa Rica. Her kiln formed glass techniques produce work inspired by smells, textures and lights of nature.   Her pieces can be seen at La Galería.

Elizabeth Sáenz

This native Costa Rican, developed her skills in San Jose where she began painting. Now in Tamarindo, it is the ocean, the sunsets and the landscapes of the area that inspire her art on display at La Galería.!elizabeth-saenz/c164q

Gisela Sánchez Tinoco

A longtime graphic designer from Venezuela, Gisela Sanchez paints her own inner energy. Yet, she maintains that when this is set down on canvas, it gets a life of its own. On display at La Galería.!gisela-sanchez/c13mg

The following Tico artists have signed on to visit during Tamarindo Art Wave March 3, 4, 5. Full schedule, participants and event locations can be found at

Aimee Joaristi


A painter, sculptor, architect, this Tica exhibits her work internationally. Her paintings are abstract and her sculptures are large totems using the sun to play with shadows. Most recently closed her exhibit at Klaus Steinmetz Gallery in San José.

Manuel Obregón

Manuel Obregón has a great artistic pedigree. He is in the well-known Costa Rican band Malpaís, has made over 20 solo albums utilizing his jazz, flamenco and modern music skills and was the former minister of Culture during the Laura Chinchilla presidency. At the Tamarindo Art Wave, he will play music while another artist paints under water.

Adrián Gómez

Look for the artwork of Adrián Gómez everywhere in the country, from t-shirts to coffee cups. His paintings are mix of traditional subjects treated in a contemporary way, using different techniques such as collages, etchings, and paint.

Fabio Herrera

One of, if not the only Costa Rican artist currently in the collection of the MOMA in New York. Fabio Herrera is a prolific artist painting abstracts and colors, sometimes dramatic, other times subtle. One of the most important artists on the national art scene.

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