Tamarindo celebrates International Surfing Day

Written by Tamarindo News

By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo courtesy Mike Clifford

It would be hard to argue the fact that surfing helped put Tamarindo on the tourism map.  One would only have to look at the boon in the town since area Ticos started paddling out, and later, the foreigners joined them. After the 1993 film, “Endless Summer II”, which featured a segment with Robert August showing off his adopted surf town of Tamarindo, people flocked here in droves to catch some of those waves they saw on the screen.  That was also the year that the Usenet newsgroup alt.surfing established World Surf Day to honor the sport around the globe.  Twelve years later, Surfing Magazine and the Surfrider Foundation enhanced the concept, creating International Surfing Day, a worldwide celebration of the sport observed with contests, barbecues, film screenings, beach clean-ups and restoration, and other activities.

For years, the Tamarindo Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has honored this day with parties, and clean-ups, and has, as well,  taken the opportunity to present a fundraiser to continue their own commitments to the beach and ocean of Tamarindo and Playa Langosta. Internationally, Surfrider is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network, and locally that extends to a very dedicated crew of members.

“International Surf Day is, for us, a celebration of our lifestyle, surfing, environmental consciousness, and enjoyment of life,” explained Mike Clifford, who along with  wife Wendy, Lock Cooper, Murray Greer and Zach Schmidt, make up the board of the Surfrider Foundation Tamarindo Chapter. “These are some of the reasons people move to Tamarindo. We all know Tama was just a little fishing town years ago, and surfing changed all that. Surfing has transformed Tamarindo and the area into a major tourist surf destination. And we at Surfrider consider ourselves ‘Guardians of the Beach.’”

On Saturday, June 15—International Surfing Day—the local chapter of Surfrider Foundation will present a series of events to take place throughout the day. To start, they are teaming up with The Clean Wave Program to conduct several beach clean-ups in both Tamarindo and Langosta. Participants should meet at 9 a.m in the Tamarindo rotunda, and bags and gloves and refreshments will be provided.

That evening will be the fundraiser at the Langosta Beach Club, beginning at 6:30 p.m. For the 5,000 colones entrance fee, receive a raffle ticket for door prizes of donations from local surf shops. Langosta Beach Club will have food and drink specials throughout the evening. All ages are invited to attend the clean-up and the fundraiser.

“The party is to raise much needed funds to continue Surfrider Foundation Tamarindo Chapter’s commitment to beach clean-up programs in Tamarindo and Playa Langosta,” Clifford said. “We try to organize our fundraiser with International Surfing Day because the event is truly international, so people from all around are familiar with the activities.”

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