Tamarindo Art Wave arrives this month

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By Ellen Zoe Golden Photo from: Google

After a couple of unforeseen delays, the 2018 Tamarindo Art Wave is set to take place all around town on January 25 to 27. As previously announced in THE Tamarindo News, this year’s event has made a few upgrades in order to enhance the participants’ experience.

These include a huge tent art gallery, another tent for video art, and the first-time-ever in Costa Rica use of the Tilt Brush by Google. The performance stage, which this year moves to the area where the weekly Feria takes place, will host two 3-Dimension painting sessions by Miami artist Alissa Christine.

She will put virtual reality goggles on, then use the magic wand apparatus to draw what she sees with her eyes, and since it is 3-D, she will be able to walk into it.

The audience will view the art work on a large screen on stage. Christine’s performances will take place on Thursday and Sunday night.

Other activities that will take place on the stage, include the return of popular Tica performer Debi Nova—this year with her guitarist. They will once again be accompanied by pianist Manuel Obregon. Nova is scheduled for Friday night, and the popular Costa Rica indie band Sonámbulo Psicotropical, who fuse Afro, Latin and American rhythms, plays on Saturday. Meanwhile, the organizers from the Tamarindo Art Foundation, increased the number of interactive workshops for those attending the Tamarindo Art Wave.

“This year we have different forms of art for people to try including printing, painting, drawing and body expression,” explained co-curator Emmanuel Javogue.

“That last one is with people from the circus who will be teaching other people acrobatics. There will also be a dance teacher.”

In total, there will be 14 workshops located, among other places, at El Coconut, Pangas, Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas, Oveja Negra and Hollie Heller house. Eric Lemaire, a French artist will be sculpting a huge piece of art live during the Tamarindo Art Wave, and when the 8-meter-wide piece is finished, he will donate it to the town for display in the planned park across from Cabinas Marioles.

“Once the first artist donates something to us, the others will follow,” said Javogue. “It would be fantastic to have art all around town to create more of an urban design here. Finally Tamarindo is not just surfing.”

Scheduled Tamarindo Art Wave workshops:

Percussion (drumming) with Messa Riddim. . Lettering (design around handwritten letters) with Byron Balmaceda. . Illustration with Brian Miranda . Textile art with Buena Nena. . Illustration and serigraphy with Mauricio Tiburón Reptil. . Drawing with Felipe Jets. . Expression through body movement with Los Cabos. . Expression though fashion with Monsieur Durán. . Eco-impression with Hollie Heller. . Performances with Alexander Cháves. . Serigraphy with Alejandra Fournier. . Technical illustration with Stephanie Chavez. . Textile stamps with Ale Rambar. . Painting with Alvaro Gómez.

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