Tamarindo approved for a new police station

Written by Tamarindo News

By Tamarindo News Staff Photo courtesy: ADI Tamarindo

After years of relocation and operations based on the good will of local businesses, the Tamarindo police are on track to get their own, new police station here in town.

The facility, which is expected to break ground during 2019, is set to be funded by 350,000,000 colones designated to the community by the Costa Rica Tourism Bureau (ICT The construction plans are the result of work between the ICT and the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI), who met many times in mutual cooperation.

The Minister of Tourism, María Amalia Revelo, expressed the department’s desire to curtail crime in the country in order that tourists, and locals, feel safe. She announced the financial commitment for the new police station at a joint workshop that took place in Tamarindo last month called “Process of Integral Management of Destinations.”

The station is set to be built on 3,400 square meters of land located past the Tamarindo Fitness Center off the Los Jobos road.

 ADI presented the Ministry of Security operational studies of the best lots in Tamarindo, and they were able to determine the final spot for the construction.

 At press time, the donation hinges on the Mayor of Santa Cruz, María Rosa López, signing off on the donation with the Ministry of Security.

“The location of the new police station is perfect,” reported Trevor Bernard, ADI Vice President.

 “It is a flat piece of land on a high elevation and no trees need to be cut down to build it. The station will have a septic system, parking, jail holding cell. and ground breaking will be this year.” “The Municipality of Santa Cruz has already voted in favor of the donation,” he added.

“The Ministry of Security is about to remit the letter of acceptance, but I’m not sure what else we are going to have thrown at us. The Mayor needs to sign off on the donation.” Housed in the new police station will be both the Tourist Police and the Public Force, saving operational costs and allowing for community ease in receiving assistance in case of an incident.

“This is a joy because we have been working hard to improve security in this place in conjunction with the Municipality, the Development Association and trade, and this is great news that will benefit the community and the canton in general,” said Jorge Castillo Sánchez, Lieutenant of the Public Force of Santa Cruz.

“It is our intention to create a secure environment, where the police presence is visible and felt.”

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