Solar Power Now Fuels the Malinches Aqueduct in Pinilla

Written by Tamarindo News

.By Tamarindo News Staff .Photo courtesy: Hacienda Pinilla

Since January 4, the sun has been the energy supplier operating the Malinches water well in Pinilla, an aquaduct controlled by the Administrative Association of Rural Aqueducts (ASADAs).

The system works with 18 photovoltaic panels, and they pump 3.5 liters of water per second 12 hours a day, from the 36-meter-deep well. The panels produce a maximum of 18kW, allowing the 5 HP pump to supply the necessary water to the Hacienda Pinilla´s present and future residents.

According to representatives of the Malinches ASADA in Hacienda Pinilla, the inauguration of this solar power energy falls within the framework of the efforts made locally to make sure there is adequate water to use, and reinforces the environmental sustainability actions that make good use of natural resources and adopt renewable energies.

Ana Cedy López, of the Malinches ASADA, explained that this system reduces infrastructure costs for the connection of pumping equipment and, by using photovoltaic technologies, lowers operating costs related to energy consumption.

Overall, this results in better service and prices for the Pinilla community. The start-up of this well is one of the projects designed to compensate the water demand during the dry season this year. In addition, López said that the Malinche ASADA also contributes to saving water by responsibly monitoring the aquifers and other water sources.

The organization also promotes rational human consumption, irrigation and other activities. The ASADA Malinches in Pinilla is the fresh water system operator of the Hacienda Pinilla residential and tourist development—all 1800 hectares.

Each water service customer on that project has their own meter and pay a fee for use. Currently, in the high season, the number of users ranges between 500 and 2,000 due to the existence of hotels and rental houses in the complex.

“This project allows the supply of water to the ASADA Malinches to increase by 15%. Our goal is to continue with projects that use clean and environmentally friendly technologies,” López said. Solar energy brings water to the communities Guanacaste is a privileged province in terms of solar energy. It is an ideal site because it can generate power through its long months of sunshine that allows the operation of basic services such as water supply.

This is the first project of this type in this area with photovoltaic panels and operated by the Malinche ASADA of Hacienda Pinilla. It is another success in the use of renewable energy in Costa Rica.

The other is the ASADA of Corozalito de Bejuco, Nandayure, an aqueduct set up in May 2017, and runs on solar power alone.

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