SalveMonos Continues to Fight for a Green Tamarindo

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Children from Brasilito placed signs to invite us to protect nature.

SalveMonos, Cepia, and Surf for Love volunteers planted 80 trees in Tamarindo and Langosta boulevards.
The tasks of recovering sites and maintaining them are everybody’s responsibility, says SalveMonos.

Planting a tree has greater significance if done while putting cooperation into practice. A group of people will care more about  that tree improving the quality of life of the entire community. Adopting this living being, which will soon become an entire ecosystem for many animals and a water shield, is a way of securing our lives.

The perfect symbiosis of nature allows us to maintain and continue with such a delicate balance. Understanding it is perhaps easy; respecting it, not so much, especially for humans, who have the challenge of reversing our abusive behavior towards the environment.

Reforestation becomes, then, as an opportunity to allow the flow of life to keep running. That is something that SalveMonos Association understands very well. Last June, it organized another successful campaign to continue reforesting Tamarindo.

The planting of 80 trees was possible through the efforts of SalveMonos, 15 volunteers from Surf for Life, who arrived thanks to Cepia, with 15 children from Brasilito, and the team and the logistics of Cepia.

The activity consisted of cleaning, planting, and watering trees. This project, according to SalveMonos, is part of the agreement signed between the organization and the Municipality of Santa Cruz, who presented a list of 35 areas endorsed by the Department of Cadastre, among which several boulevards to be reforested in Tamarindo and Langosta were included.

Children and volunteers participated in a hard day to improve their environment and restore natural areas that are being covered by animals, such as monkeys and other wildlife species. Moreover, they placed some signs inviting people to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” as well as positive messages for the harmonious coexistence with the environment.

This work of greening Tamarindo is complex, because, according to SalveMonos, unfortunately, some neighbors are depositing natural waste and other debris (like pieces of tile left over from the earthquake, cut trees and palms, among other things) in common areas.

In addition, they stressed that this job for a healthier and balanced environment belongs to us all, that we must responsibly assume the fate of the wastes, and support reforestation and cleaning.

“SalveMonos’ new idea is to continue planting trees in the nursery that has been built in La Paz School. These trees are going to be given to the neighbors, so they can plant them in their homes, sidewalks, fences, and create new, more sustainable and certainly more manageable biological corridors,” explained Simona Daniele, from SalveMonos.

“There are areas where the owners have cut all the trees and built in almost all the land available. The owners of the apartments have planted papayas and monkeys from afar see them and want to eat them; in doing so, they are electrocuted, because there are no natural ways to pass. In this case, the only solution is to give away a tree to this condo. By planting it in an unused corner, the tree could become the way the monkey could use to reach the papayas and all the other trees of the playground,” she said.

According to Daniele, this is a long-term project that requires the support of neighbors and residents. We must wait for trees to grow enough to be transplanted. She noted: “in my nursery at the hotel, I have eight breadfruit trees. They grow very fast, lose half-square-feet leaves each, and are perfect in situations like this in which we need to reforest promptly.”

“In two years, monkeys will not die there anymore. The condo will have more natural shade and few giant leaves to clean. There are other places where it is perfect to grow cashew trees or almond trees, for example,” she added.

“There is a whole world that lives around us and, six feet above our heads, there is another world that sings, whistles, and howls; planting a tree is enough to protect them all,” she concluded.

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